Mediterranean Style Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

  1. Modern Washroom: mediterranean Bathroom by Mithi Interiors Private Limited
  2. mediterranean Bathroom by Constantin Design & Build
  3. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  4. mediterranean Bathroom by Equipe Ceramicas
  5. mediterranean Bathroom by Grupo Inventia
  6. mediterranean Bathroom by Interior Idea Projektowanie Wnętrz
  7. mediterranean Bathroom by Nice home barcelona
  8. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  9. mediterranean Bathroom by Equipe Ceramicas
  10. mediterranean Bathroom by GPA Gestión de Proyectos Arquitectónicos  ]gpa[®
  11. mediterranean Bathroom by Protega
  12. mediterranean Bathroom by Nice home barcelona
  13. mediterranean Bathroom by Студия дизайна Дарьи Одарюк
  14. mediterranean Bathroom by Gramil Interiorismo II
  15. mediterranean Bathroom by Grupo Inventia
  16. mediterranean Bathroom by architetto stefano ghiretti
  17. mediterranean Bathroom by architettotorregrossa
  18. mediterranean Bathroom by BARASONA Diseño y Comunicacion
  19. mediterranean Bathroom by PASSAGE CITRON
  20. mediterranean Bathroom by INARCHlab
  21. mediterranean Bathroom by INARCHlab
  22. mediterranean Bathroom by Atelier  Ana Leonor Rocha
  23. mediterranean Bathroom by MJ Intérieurs
  24. mediterranean Bathroom by GD Arredamenti
  25. mediterranean Bathroom by LLIBERÓS SALVADOR Arquitectos
  26. mediterranean Bathroom by Casas inHAUS
  27. mediterranean Bathroom by Tadelakt keloe
  28. mediterranean Bathroom by DMC Real Render
  29. mediterranean Bathroom by Casas Metal
  30. mediterranean Bathroom by MID 먹줄
  31. mediterranean Bathroom by Bad Campioni
  32. mediterranean Bathroom by press profile homify
  33. mediterranean Bathroom by FingerHaus GmbH

What’s special about Mediterranean bathrooms?

If you love the Mediterranean design style, which is characterized by attractive white spaces that are bright, vibrant, relaxing and enjoyable as they make you feel like you are on vacation, what better way to recreate the environment in your home than with a lovely bathroom in this style? 

On homify, you’ll find many examples of bathrooms decorated in the much-sought-after Mediterranean style. Browse through the photographs for inspiration so you can build a charming private space in which you can relax every day. You’ll find ideas for your bathroom, whether it’s a small one in a two-bedroom apartment in a crowded metropolis such as Mumbai or a spacious bathroom in a weekend home in a rural area such as Munnar.

What elements characterize Mediterranean bathrooms?

Like minimalist bathrooms, Mediterranean-themed ones usually rely on certain rules in its design concepts.    

Less is more: As with the minimalist style, Mediterranean spaces should not have too much decoration. These bathrooms should have large open spaces that allow light to flow through the interiors, unhindered by furniture or decorative elements. The idea is to maintain visual simplicity and clarity in the room. 

The brighter the better: The more illumination the bathroom has, the better it will reflect the true Mediterranean style. It’s a wonderful idea to incorporate large windows or skylights that invite natural light into their interiors. It is also worthwhile to install intelligent, modern, thrifty and at the same time warm artificial lighting. A great solution is to build niches in your bathroom walls and use LED lights to illuminate them to create a beautiful effect of warmth and brightness in the room. In the market, you will find warm LED strip lights of up to 5 meters at an average cost of around INR 500. 

White is best: In the Mediterranean style, white is the principal colour as no other shade reflects light better than it does. Coating the walls of your bathroom with white is easy if you are a fan of D-I-Y projects, and for a professional finish, you can use one of the painting experts registered on our portal.

Besides white, what other colours work well in Mediterranean bathrooms?

When designing Mediterranean baths, the first thing to keep in mind is that the aesthetics of the space should reflect order and neatness—two essential factors when it comes to refreshing the body and soul. Therefore, to contrast the starkness of white, we recommend choosing pastel or light shades such as yellow and beige that complement the white and reflect the natural and artificial light in the bathroom. Likewise, you can use warm, relaxing, cheerful and pleasant tones, such as sunflower yellow, which are reminiscent of the warmth of the sun. Shades of brown are also ideal for creating an earthy, rustic and sensational look in the bathroom. 

In addition, you can choose to decorate your Mediterranean bathroom with colours that evoke nature. The sea, sand and trees can be represented by shades such as aquamarine, ochre and olive green. Remember that white should dominate, and these other colours should only be used in smaller details or decorative elements.

How can I coat the walls and floors of the Mediterranean baths?

When coating the floors and walls of your Mediterranean bathroom, the most important thing is to choose materials that are resistant to moisture and steam. For the floors, the idea is to use striking and beautiful materials that reflect the desired style. You could, for example, cover the floor of your Mediterranean baths with stunning tiles, either colourful or monochromatic. Rustic tiles in terracotta tones are another suitable option for this style. You can find ceramic tiles in the price range of INR 30 to INR 225 per square feet on an average. As for the walls, you can coat them with beautiful stones that are not only aesthetic, but also very resistant to humidity. Other options are to use either smooth painted walls that enhance the spaciousness or textured ones made of stone or plaster that add rustic charm to the bathroom.

What type of furniture is ideal for Mediterranean baths?

The furniture in Mediterranean bathrooms should be low so that they don't obstruct the passage and flow of light or make the space look too crowded. The best types of furniture for this style are small pieces with beautiful details.  Furniture made of wrought iron and wood are perfect. If you prefer wooden furniture, we suggest you choose wood that is treated to be water resistant. Also, use natural tones such as browns, coffee and beige. In addition to wood, other materials such as glass and plaster can also work for furniture in Mediterranean bathrooms. However, ensure that you pick pieces that look rustic rather than minimalist.

What can’t you leave out in a Mediterranean bathroom?

Preferably, Mediterranean baths should have lovely views of spectacular natural landscapes that we can enjoy from the comfort of the shower or when soaking in a bathtub. These bathrooms should have the feel of a vacation home and make you feel like you are in a paradise on earth. Remember that the general idea of this style is to create atmospheres that evoke the fun times of holidays in the countryside or by the sea. Above all, a Mediterranean bathroom should be spacious, bright and relaxing. 

If you aren’t quite sure what to include or leave out from your Mediterranean style bathroom, we suggest that you browse through the examples on homify for inspiration. Once you decide on the features that you would like to have in your bathroom, you can fill up the form for a free consultation from one of our experts.