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Baby room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the basic rules for a baby room?

The baby room should be regularly ventilated to reduce the proliferation of house dust mites. For exactly the same reason, make sure to limit the use of draperies, carpet, fabrics and other dust absorbent materials in the room to reduce the risks of different allergies. 

This might seem obvious to you, but it is always good to remember: no one should smoke in the kid's room, not even when the baby isn't present in the room, as the residue of the smoke and its odor causes breathing problems for your infant. 

As for the temperature, baby room should not be warmer than 18 or 19 °C. On the other hand, do not use the air conditioning, as it dries out the air. If you must do so when the baby is in another room and have turn the air conditioning off before bringing the baby back to their baby room. Also check for moisture sources and ventilate the room daily for one hour, in all season. Finally, avoid using the lights that are too bright.

What is the right choice of bed for a baby room?

Even when most of the newborns might sleep in their parents bed for a while, it is necessary to have a nice a comfy crib for the baby and the parents. Some parents will prefer one crib that offers multiple functions. This way, the baby will use the same bed from birth until two to three years. Some other parents will prefer to get a smaller-sized crib that can be attached to their bed. There is a downside to the latter, however—you will need a new baby bed once the baby past the 6 months !If the mother will breastfeed the baby a nice chair or armchair or even a sofa it's a great idea. Moms need comfortable seating when breastfeeding, too.

Basically, you have to decide between the two options available, namely a standard cradle or a scalable bed. The standard cradle will be a good idea if you plan to have other children to reuse it. The adjustable bed in the other hand will last longer because when kids turn teen you can still adjust the bed to their needs. 

Whatever your decision, choose a crib for the baby room which allows the baby to see what surrounds them. The space between the bars should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. The quality of the mattress is equally essential. It must be firm so it doesn't affect the physics of their body in long run and it should perfectly fits to the dimensions of the bed. Make sure the space between the mattress and the walls of the bed does not exceed 1cm. This one is very important and must meet very strict safety standards. If the gap is bigger, there is danger of baby’s limbs to get stuck there and hurt them.

Moreover, the bed must not be cluttered with unnecessary elements. Therefore better to eliminate quilts, pillows and blankets and use baby sleeping bags to eliminate any risk of suffocation.

What should i consider when decorating of my baby’s room?

Of course, you can call on an expert anytime. The important thing is that the decoration corresponds to your inspiration and also your baby’s age. Have in mind that there are few piece of furniture you would want to incorporate in baby room. Changing table and enough closets for the baby equipment is very essential and your decoration should not replace these elements and rather complement them. According to our experts, use neutral colors like beige, gray, cream and bring the color with the accessories. They are what that set the mood for the baby room.

At birth, the baby's vision is not yet fully developed: they can see at a distance of 18 cm to 20 cm, just enough to make eye contact with their parents when they hold them. To put a small armchair or a rocking chair in your baby room can provide you a lot of comfort. That’s also why, it is really not useful to play on bright colors (which tend to irritate and prevent the baby from sleeping) or strong contrasts. In first few months of your child's life. 

At about 3 months old, the child perceives several basic colors, the first ones are red and green. At about 4 months old, they can distinguish as many colors as an adult. Clarity of vision improves over the months to reach its maximum after the age of 10! 

To store the toys, choose colored plastic boxes with rollers that has been proven very practical. If you make the choice of a more traditional toy box, take one that does not risk getting their fingers caught. Also one with some holes in it so they won't get caught inside and suffocate.

How to make the baby room safe?

First things first, you will need to baby proof the room (and even the entire house!). Protecting the outlets, drawers, doors, windows, and any sharp edge are a must and there are tons of gadgets in the Indian market where you can get such items.

Consider a safe sleeping place where the baby cannot roll over and fall off. High chairs are great and so is have barriers for the playing areas such as playpen.

Choosing the best lighting for your baby room

Lighting is very important for the baby room and here there are few things that are very important to keep in mind. First, control the natural light with a pair of nice and heavy curtains for the windows (blackout for example). Second, choose a warm and soft light to illuminate the room. For best results, choose lamps with dimmers that will allow you to adjust the brightness according to the time of day. Particularly because babies are in the beginning much more sensitive to light than an adult: they perceives a 5% of the light while an adult receives only 1 to 2%. This explains why a newborn child opens his eyes more easily when he is in a darker room. We don't recommend a night light as it is good for the child to understand the rhythms of day and night as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, it is of great importance to consider the need of a heat lamp. Why? Well, this is because babies loose temperature very quickly, especially while they are getting their diapers changed or after a bath.