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Rangoli Designs for Every Pocket

Rangoli Designs for Every Pocket

Have a look at our ideas for rangoli designs that suits every pocket!
Have a look at our ideas for rangoli designs that suits every pocket!

Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an ancient Indian art form, which is mainly created during Diwali. This art is considered to be a symbol of good luck. The Rangoli art is especially done by women in India with dry or wet colors. The creation of beautiful designs with colored powder, flowers and petals during Diwali and other Indian festivals is a popular activity. There are numerous Rangoli designs that can be taken up by the homeowners to decorate the floors and courtyards during weddings and other religious festivals. India is a land of great cultural heritage. The diversity of India makes this country culturally very rich and inviting. Rangoli is known by various names in different parts of the country. In Rajasthan, it's known as Mandana while in West Bengal, it's known as Alpana. This art form is known as Kolam in Tamil Nadu and Muggu in Andhra Pradesh. Rangoli is known as Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh and Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh. In Kerala, it's known as Golam Kolam and in Bihar it's known as Aripana. There are many names given to this traditional art but the essence of this activity is the same. This art form is all about bringing good luck to the family. Most Indian homes decorate their floors with Rangoli during the festival of lights to bring good luck, peace and prosperity to the family. Not only in festivals, this art also found a place in marriage ceremonies, religious occasions and other inaugural events. This art form is all about welcoming a brand new beginning to the entire family. Most women in India are fond of this art and it's a matter of pride to be able to decorate the floors with the perfect Rangoli design during a festival. The ability to create a stunning drawing not only speaks a lot about the taste of the artist but it is also considered auspicious for the overall wellbeing of the family to have such an artist. Indian women are known for their religious nature hence the ability to create gorgeous patterns during a religious festival makes them very popular during the event. Many schools and colleges also organise Rangoli design competitions.

The significance of this art form

Rangoli is a traditional art mostly done by female members of the family. This art is taken up seriously during the festival of lights when almost all the homes in India flaunt a Rangoli in front of the entrance door or in the courtyard. The usage of diyas is very common. Diyas help to accentuate the art. Mixing various materials like vermillion, turmeric, colored sand, flowers and petals and brick powder is very common. It's always advisable to have a blueprint of the drawing before starting this art. Having a complete picture of the design helps the artist to create a perfect blueprint within a short time. You can use a pencil or a pen to devise the outline before filling the gaps with colors, flowers and petals. A perfect blueprint is the hallmark of any great design. There are many stunning Rangoli designs option available online. You can take ideas from the various innovative patterns and create an art of your own to win accolades during any religious function. The ability to visualise plays a major role in creating the perfect art. Most experienced artists incorporate trending topics in their art form that consequently give lots of personality to their art. Art is about expressing yourself and Rangoli designs are no different. There is sufficient room for experimenting with colors, patterns, ingredients and ideas.

Rangoli Design Ideas

There are various Rangoli design ideas available online however it's always advisable to preserve the uniqueness in your art by incorporating fresh ideas. Some of the options like creating geometrical patterns are very popular during Diwali. Creating geometrical shapes are easier however, if you want to stand out with your Rangoli designs, you should plan to integrate trending issues into your art. Other popular options include creating shapes of Ganesha in your art. Ganesha is a symbol of good luck in India and most artists create their image in this art form. Although it's very common, but you can easily play with various colors to make your Rangoli look unique and attractive. Creating peacock designs through Rangoli art is one of the most popular designs options, however, you can easily add other elements like a landscape in your drawing to make it look visually appealing. Art is all about experimenting with fresh ideas and you can find many such interesting ideas on Youtube. Simply do a bit of research before creating your first Rangoli art. You can think about the blueprint or sketch it on a piece of paper before you start painting. Beautification and bringing auspiciousness is the main idea behind this art. Just like any other art form, Rangoli designs exude charm.

The popularity of Rangoli competitions in India

Most Indian institutions like schools and colleges organise competitions to popularise this art. Even many workplaces during the festival of lights organise competitions. In order to win prizes in these competitions, one should possess a great aesthetic sense. You have to understand the colors appropriately before designing. Easy and beautiful Rangoli designs can be made by adding ingredients like wood sawdust, Pise rice solution, charcoal, dried powder, coffee powder, burned soil etc. You can also create designs by using ingredients like flowers and petals, turmeric, vermillion, and colored sand etc. Some of the most popular patterns in Rangoli competitions include geometric shapes, the face of Hindu deities, peacocks and historical monuments. Winning these competitions is always a matter of pride. In order to create attractive Rangoli designs, you should practice this art form during your free time. Most people only create Rangoli art during festivals; however, practicing once in a week can be extremely beneficial if you want to become an expert. The demand for this artist is always increasing and you never know your passion for art can make you famous too. There's nothing wrong in experimenting and incorporating your own ideas into to this art.

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