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Fuze Bug—Price, Reviews, Benefits And How To Order (2021)

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Fuze Bug A bug zapper device which collects and eliminates all insects within the vicinity of the user to avoid biting. Engineers made the device easy to use.

The summer holidays and summer barbecues may be fun, but it is not something that anyone enjoys. It can be frustrating to enjoy this season without mosquitoes or other insects. This is why products such as bug repellants (and citronella) are as common during warm-weather as outdoor dining on patios and grilling.

These staples aren’t as effective for consumers as they might wish. These chemicals can cause skin irritations, especially in children. Citronella candles may be effective in deterring some bugs but it does not offer as much protection as consumers would need when they are outdoors. These problems can be solved with the Fuze Bug.

Fuze Bug has helped more than 32,000 people enjoy better outdoor experiences. The lamp doesn’t require oils or sprays but it protects the environment around it. It attracts insects by using UV-free lighting. Users won't have UV exposure to pets, children, or themselves.

Fuze Bug, once activated and charged, will provide protection for twenty hours. It is also functional in any location it is placed. You can also take it with you on camping trips, as the Fuze bug has a range up to 375 feet. It does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The product can be placed on a table and hung up to offer protection from any biting insects. The insects naturally attract to the light but are immediately zapped by 1000 volts.

It is possible to easily clean out the tray if it becomes cluttered with dead insects. You can replace the tray immediately after it is taken out so you can eliminate all the insects from your environment. They won't have the need to spray every single mosquito on their bodies as there won’t be any in your air.

Fuze Bug technology makes getting rid of insects around the house and outdoors easy. It doesn't require any kind of topical treatment, nor any other chemical. You can hang it or keep it aside for continual support.

The device doesn’t require any maintenance. Fuze Bug light users must charge first. The green indicator lights will indicate when the battery charges. To activate it, the user will have to turn the switch on.

The purple light will attract insects to it, and eventually they will be killed. This is dangerous for the bugs but pets and children will not touch it because the grid is double-layered. The grid is large enough to allow an insect through but not too small for a small finger, paw or hand to touch the device.

Fuze Bug lights can be used in just two hours to kill mosquitos and other pests. The Fuze Bug light can also be used to light dark areas at night with a lantern.

 Fuze Bug light is currently in limited supply. However, the average price will drop 50%. To claim this reward, you don't have to use a coupon. However, all the packages available on the official web site offer an even greater discount.

The packages that are available include:

  • One Fuze Bug light $39.99
  • Two Fuze Bug light for $75.99
  • Three Fuze Bug Lights for $107.98
  • Four Fuze Bug light for $135.97
  • Five Fuze Bug lights on sale for $159.96

These shipments go out 7 days after the original purchase. Fuze Bug provides a 30-day refund for any insect that is not eliminated by the user.

Fuze Bug can be used as a flashlight and a bug-zapper. It's lightweight makes it easy to carry around and is fully waterproof in any weather. It can be safely used in indoor and outside areas.

Yes. The electric coil will neutralize the insects in the affected area by the purple LED light. There are no chemicals.

Users don't need do anything to attain the performance they expect. When there are dead bugs, the user needs to simply plug it in and empty its bottom shell.

Yes. When the battery is fully charged, the battery can be placed where it's most convenient. The rechargeable battery doesn’t need to have power while it’s working. To charge the light, simply connect the micro USB charger to the battery. Users don't need the device to be charged more than once per day, as it can provide up to 20 hour of power.

The insect will fall into the shell at its bottom. It is kept in a small compartment just above the lantern light. To clean out the bottom, users should empty it.

Most orders will be sent out within 48 hours. Delivery can take around 7 business hours, although the company will send tracking numbers for the package.

None at all. This device has no chemical or odour.

Send an email or call 866-466-2300 to reach our customer service team.

Fuze Bug Light allows users to have a fun summer without worrying about any bugs that might be attracted. The device is completely chemical-free and uses only the natural attraction to sunlight that these insects have. This traps them in the bottom, killing them. 

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