Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Mangafreak Watch Online

Liu manages to endure a KO blow coming out of Toku. Kengan Omega's newest chapter is titled `'Are Going to Lose. Toku proceeds to crush Liu, who understands that Toku is a Sambo plus also a Judo pro. Toku landed another significant blow known as a Sambist's Strikers. Liu ate that blow off and recovers quickly. Liu strikes with a super movement, Hua Jin,’ and Toku catches Lui together with his right hand and smashes him while hammering him on the floor. He yells in pain, and the commentators are astonished that Liu got rocked before landing on the ground.

Toku believes he gets the task done because Liu is fighting to stand on his toes. He realizes that's the best way to endure a Judo transfer. Ref Shina Alisa counts until nine. The Kengan Association fighters believed that Toku had seized an effortless victory. However, to their surprise, Liu caught up until Shina Alisa waves the white flag.