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With this discussion of the Friends reunion on HBO Max, it just seems right that we begin this Blacklist recap with a timeless quotation out of the long-running NBC forebear: that I don't have any clue what's happening, but I'm excited!

It may not be that confidence-inducing to hear that your useful Blacklist recapper state she could not be confused about what is to come following the conclusion of this incident -- but here we are.

I have a fantastic deal of compassion for the way she should be feeling in this event as Reddington informs her over and she's going to get all the answers she has been begging to listen to for decades, just to then place her in a vehicle, fly her into Latvia, push her out into the middle of nowhere, and begin talking about how a whole sophisticated intelligence community was built decades past with the sole intent of keeping her safe as much as she knows she has been running for her life for the past [tests watch] eight-ish decades. Frankly, I do not understand how Liz is not screaming, Just give me the merchandise, old guy! For this whole episode. However, she is way before the crowd in a minimum of one respect: Liz gets to find out what is inside that bible if its cryptic rock doorways part in the episode's ending.