Cannabis seed: a concentrate of vegetable proteins

In the era of junk food and the advent of vegetarianism, the trend is towards alternative consumption modes. We are continually looking for new ways to cook, new foods, to take care of ourselves and the planet, and we are right! 

Thanks to the new European laws and regulations, we can easily access to some of the best cannabis seeds online, and it is easy to order and collect marijuana seeds from reliable European distributors.

In the field of nutrition, cannabis is the new trend! As it is the well-balanced product that contributes to bringing omega 3 and 6 to your body.

Hemp and cannabis seeds are also famous for their unusually high protein content. Indeed, we find in the whole cannabis seed about 20 to 25% of proteins, 30% in the shelled seeds, and up to 50% in hemp flour.

Hemp flour from cannabis seeds

When the whole cannabis seed is pressed, on the one hand, the cannabis oil is harvested, and, on the other hand, we have a by-product called cannabis paste. It is a mixture of the shell and the partially broken cannabis seeds. 

It is from the cannabis or hemp flour or, more precisely, the hemp almond powder, since it comes from an achene (little hazelnut) and not from a cereal, as wheat for example. 

Cannabis powder is made by separating the hemp kernel from the shell of the seed. By removing the shell, the nutrients contained in the cannabis kernel are concentrated, and its organoleptic qualities are enriched. In terms of nutrition, hemp flour is a real bomb! 

Indeed, the cannabis seed contains all the essential amino acids for the proper functioning of our organism. These nutrients cannot be synthesized directly by the body (or not in sufficient quantity. It is the food which must provide them, and it is thanks to amino acids that muscles, tendons, organs, glands, nails and hair are renewed, and that the body protects itself against diseases and toxins.

Add up hemp protein and cannabis seeds to your diet

The main interest of cannabis flour is its vegetable protein content, directly assimilable by the body. 

In essence, it is also called hemp protein, a term a bit overused, because this protein is not extracted from the seed (as is the case with soy protein, for example) but only concentrated by the separation of the kernel, the shell and the oil. 

The protein level of hemp flour from cannabis seeds can vary depending on the grain of the flour that is expected, and the process used. 

Depending on the pressing method, a more or less thick paste is obtained. The more oil the cake contains, the lower the proportion of proteins. However, to get a dehydrated and therefore concentrated cake, the seed must be crushed at cold temperature… so, pressing becomes very difficult.

By accepting a loss of oil yield (around 5%), the quality of these product offers a lot of benefits, both from a nutritional and taste point of view. It favours an oil whose properties are perfectly respected, and a flour more abundant in oil around 15%, but which still contains 50% protein!

In terms of intake, 100gr of cannabis flour alone provide the recommended daily amounts of omega 3 and 6), as well as 45 gr of protein (at this rate, 100 gr of powder equivalent to about 300 gr of raw beef), not to mention the other nutritious elements! 

Cannabis seeds flour has the advantage of containing a protein which is directly assimilated by the human digestive system, even in large quantities. Conversely, animal proteins (meat, eggs, fish) require a lot of energy during digestion. 

They also have acidifying properties which can create kidney, muscle, digestive problems as well as an imbalance of the intestinal flora when they are consumed in high doses. 

Hemp flour keeps very well over time because, if it is fragile in the light, and just like animal proteins, it is advisable to eat raw hemp protein as much as possible. It will help the fatty acids from getting saturated while being cooked as they would becoming free radicals at high temperatures, which will harm our organization. 

However, in some preparations, especially dough bread, brioche, pastries etc… ) and pasta the product remains mainly in a humid environment. If the core temperature does not reach a high level, then, in these cases, deterioration fatty acids will be less, even non-existent.

How to consume hemp protein?

While it is undoubtedly a superfood with exceptional nutritional qualities, it should not be forgotten that this product remains food and not a food supplement. 

Confusion is natural when it is called hemp protein, but cannabis flour is nonetheless a food that must be appreciated and savoured and incorporated into meals. It is a particularly interesting contribution for the elderly, the sick, the vegan, the sportsmen, or even young children. 

Consumed at the start of the day, the cannabis flour helps recovery because it contains tryptophan, which will transform into prostaglandin, then into serotonin. It can be assimilated by the body at the end of the day and provide the body with relaxation, relaxation, and therefore better sleep conditions.

Used as a cannabis powder, hemp protein is integrated into all recipes by replacing the usual flours, up to 5 to 20% of the total weight of the flours. It must be taken into account that cooking will alter the omega 3. 

But the main attraction of flour being a protein, the nutritional contribution remains very interesting. It can also be eaten raw, for even more benefits in juices, smoothies, sauces, soups, sauces, etc.

For athletes, it is an excellent ally in shakes, or spreads, mixed with honey or dried fruit: it's a stimulant full of energy!

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