Robinson Garden, Mid-levels

Relaxed Bali-style aesthetic arrives in the city in this characterful… sq ft apartment renovation here in Hong Kong.  Natural materials, biophilic design, attention to design details and island vibes dominate the look throughout. The dark, luxury spa-style bathroom encapsulates the move towards wellness at home and creates a space for deep relaxation as an everyday experience. Health concerns about high sensitivity to EMF’s led to us creating a home that limits EMF exposure.

This was achieved through a combination of methods including using black EMF shielding paints, grounded gauze mesh, EMF-reducing curtains and by avoiding running the power & lighting cables in areas near the bed. We also wired in electrical items such as CCTV, speakers and baby monitor and positioned the beds to avoid geopathic stress. Kill switches allow our clients to turn off all sources of electricity in the bedroom during sleeping hours except for air conditioning and purification.  This low-EMF, healthy home centres on relaxation, connection and wellness for all the family.