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Pilar Burguet Mural ref 3400075

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Flying Book Mural reference 3400075 (325cm wide x 270cm long) A delightful wallpaper mural design featuring young bunnies having fun in their nursery! This wallpaper mural is supplied in 7 easy to hang panels each measuring 46.5 cm across by a length of 2.70 metres, but thanks to digital printing we can now offer ‘made to measure’ murals to fit the exact size of your wall. Contact us for further details and prices! Join our adorable little mouse and his friends on their adventures through dreamland. This gentle and inviting collection will fill the imagination with delightful fantasies. A selection of murals featuring bedtime stories and amusing anecdotes are tastefully combined with a beautiful selection of wallpapers and borders.

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  • Pilar Burguet Mural ref 3400075 Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper

    Pilar Burguet Mural ref 3400075

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