C&M Media

Light miracle by designer Lyu Aihua

The saying of ‘An ordinary and reliable happiness’ was once brought up by a Japanese author Haruki Murakami. He explained it as the moments with fortune and happiness, such as standing in the kitchen with one hand slicing the freshly backed bread while the other hand grabbing the food to eat, or listening to Brahms's chamber while watching the autumn sunlight to draw a shadow on the white paper-stained window.

The designer introduced this concept of living to her client—let the sunlight walk into the room and subvert the whole former way of her life. The owner’s trust has pushed their cooperation to run smoothly, and even skipped the steps of the renderings. The house is very large indeed, however, the mother and daughter used to huddle together to sleep, due to the illuminating problem as well, the utilization rate of the upper floor space was extremely low, but now they can have six bedrooms!

The most important thing for a designer is to coincide with the expectations of customers, to solve the problems they care about and enhance their happiness. --Lyu Aihua

Total dimensions
449.98 sq ft (Area)
  • The living space C&M Media Modern living room
  • Tea area C&M Media Modern living room
  • Entry and corridor C&M Media Front doors
  • The stairwells C&M Media Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
  • Piano Room C&M Media Eclectic style living room
  • Study room C&M Media Boys Bedroom
  • Kitchen and dining C&M Media Built-in kitchens
  • Master suite C&M Media Small bedroom
  • The daughter's Room C&M Media Small bedroom
  • Bathroom C&M Media Modern bathroom