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Stand 15-Monaghan Farm

A voluminous open-plan living area and a low-profile steel framed covered patio frame expansive views towards the Magaliesburg mountains.

A span of mono-pitch roofs with exposed laminated timber rafters and clerestory windows allows filtered, natural light into the living area while the low-profile patio roof provides shade for the living area that opens out into the wide open garden. The house includes double glazed stack-away patio doors and windows, solar geysers and an underground rain-water tank, all within a modest budget, but not a low standard.

  • Contemporary Farm Living REIS Modern balcony, veranda & terrace Grey

    Contemporary Farm Living

    Outdoor Patio

  • Contemporary farm living REIS Modern houses Bricks Beige

    Contemporary farm living

  • Screen Wall REIS Modern houses Amber/Gold

    Screen Wall

  • Exposed Trusses REIS Flat roof Iron/Steel

    Exposed Trusses

    Corrugated roof sheets on exposed laminated timber beams