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2-Storey Tiny House

Do you have a limited area to build your dream home? We got you covered, Dear!

Friendly warning: The hype is ON for Wood and Concrete! 😂

This is our version of a not so tiny and compact house with a Total Floor Area of 81 sqm, the M-Residence. Our Client, Mr. M (Not the one who's on Star Magic, 😂), is on a tight budget and was looking for ways how he can build his dream house. The proposed house will seat on a very limited area where their existing house is. As their Architects, we proposed the bare concrete finish, and a few concrete groove accents on Wood Painted Finish. We hope they like it, because we love it! 😍

Kindly see each photo for the details of our proposal.

Planning to build your dream home? We are the right team to work with you!

Total dimensions
80 m² (Area)
Total cost
  • Architect's Perspective CB.Arch Design Solutions

    Architect's Perspective

  • House Layout CB.Arch Design Solutions

    House Layout