Original Vision

Villa Saengootsa

Perched on a dramatic headland on the west coast of Phuket in Thailand, Villa Saengootsa is an unassuming statement in the integration of indoor and outdoor space, brought together in an exciting contemporary living experience.

Designed to respect the natural slope, the villa hugs the contours and is nestled into the landscape with the lower floors carefully tucked under the upper levels creating a succession of terraces.

The stunning sea view and the desire to create a contemporary home that maintains a cultural affinity with its location, have combined to inspire the design. The entrance is a processional experience that dramatically uses the view and a change in level to shape the transition from the public road to the private entertainment spaces below. Inter-connecting cathedral roofs float above the living and dining areas which in turn, open fully onto terraces and the main pool deck creating a combination of interlinked volumes that blur the line between inner and outer space.