Markham Stagers


This home staging production was a challenge for two main reasons. Firstly, the project was commissioned by a prestigious real estate agency to be the show model for a new high-end 24 units development in the Zona Alta area of Barcelona.

Secondly, the site where the staging took place was still under construction, which posed several unique security hazards and inconveniences to the project: danger, loads of dust, unattractive environment for showings,…  

Markham Stagers’ creative team designed a bright and elegant set that highlighted the quality finishings of the space, specifically targeted to suit the needs and cosmopolitan lifestyle of a certain homebuyer. The result was a cosy and modern layout that created a relaxed and appealing home buying experience, considering the challenges of seeing a home within the context of a construction zone. 

Furniture, light fixtures, accessories and textiles supplied by Markham Stagers.

Total dimensions
70 m² (Area)