Diamond Constructions Ltd

3 Hilbury Road

At Diamond Construction Ltd, we offer a range of house refurbishment services in order to ensure that, no matter what state your home may be in, we will lift it up to the highest standard. The project at 3 Hilbury Road involved a lot of work since our goal was converting a block of five flats into a single detached house. In order to make it work, we had to refurbish all of the flats to make them work as a single housing unit. The sheer size of the project was a challenge in and of itself. We implemented all the necessary installations, such as gas, water, and electric facilities. We replaced the windows with new, hand-made ones, and gave the whole building an overall modern makeover. A house extension was added, which not only provided the home with more space, but also sunlight. The basement was remodelled into a rec room for all the family to enjoy. As a final touch, we cleaned up all the brickwork.