Lilian H. Weinreich Architects

Murray Hill Remodel, New York City

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Projects & Spaces
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Total dimensions:
900 sq ft (Area)


In New York, where real estate it at a premium, residential design can benefit from flex space architectural concepts.

By definition, a flex space can “flex” into larger or smaller spaces as required. Flex spaces are smarter, more efficient spaces with more than one function.

In this Murray Hill, New York City remodel, two small studio spaces were successfully joined to create a magical, efficient 900sf apartment. Large full-height translucent sliding panels feature prominently as both a means of partition and connection, alternately offering a blurred sense of interior volumetric possibilities with an emphasis on the passage of light to, from and within the space. The panels have recessed tracks buried into strategically located dropped soffits housing hidden light coves. A balance of natural and artificial light constantly modulate the interior ambiance.

The apartment contains at its core an enlarged open loft-like kitchen and island counter. The open entertainment /living/ dining areas can “flex” into three bedrooms and two full bathrooms with a laundry closet. The sliding doors to the master bathroom enabled this otherwise non-compliant bathroom to be handicap accessible, complete with the required 5ft turning radius. There are no swing doors throughout to obstruct the flow nor the space. Even the closet doors throughout have a dual function both as room divider and closet door.

This remodel epitomizes that refinement in minimalist spatial resolution using flex planning principles is practicable

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