Link It Solutions Ltd

Wandsworth Family Home

Lovely Family home in Wandsworth, London.

We have distributed audio to 4 rooms (zones) using RTI 4 zone music matrix , Apple TV and Sky box shared in high definition to 4 rooms using Wyrestorm matrix, Lighting control via Rako controls. All conveniently integrated via RTI controls with handheld RTI controller and customised IPad for control.

  • Open plan living Link It Solutions Ltd Modern living room

    Open plan living

    Music, AV and lighting are controlled using an IPad and RTI
    hand held controllers, this is made possible by integrating Rako lighting, SONOS, Sky, Apple TV to work with a common interface using RTI.

  • Bathroom Bliss Link It Solutions Ltd Modern bathroom

    Bathroom Bliss

    In ceiling speakers for mood music or news while soaking in the bath

  • Discreet Speakers in ceiling Link It Solutions Ltd Modern dining room

    Discreet Speakers in ceiling

    Music and lighting are controlled using RTI via an IPad

  • Hidden away Link It Solutions Ltd Modern media room

    Hidden away

    All equipment tucked away in this unassuming space.

    4 x 4 Audio matrix ,4 zone music amp distributes 4 music sources to 4 rooms

    Custom recessed patch panel

    Rako Lighting Control RAK-4,

    We have created 8 circuits using Rako lighting