Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

House at Andratx

The extremely complicated handling involved in this house located on a spectacular plot overlooking a cliff included the obligation of being, according to the owners, “Zen minimalist, colorful like Barragán with Arabic touches (for more than one Frenchman l´Espagne et le Marroc c´est le même chose) and, of course, Mediterranean, but not Provencal (“we’d have bought a house in Provence if we’d wanted that”). The house, fruit of a building renovation prior to the Coastal Law where its entire look was changed, is nearly 600 m2 and consists of a main structure and several adjoining pavilions. By highlighting the pool that flows towards the horizon built over the guest pavilion, an attempt was made to visually aggrandize the terrace and patio, whose wooden floorboards play with that of the large-sized perimeter fencing and sliding blinds which enclose the complex. It’s curious to see the openings from far off, in comparison to those of the dwellings around it.

Andratx, Spain