Comoglio Architetti

Entrance to SER.MI.G Chapel

The project regarding the outdoor arrangement of the Ser.Mi.G chapel’s entrance, placed in the courtyard of the former Military Arsenal, is a small intervention that aims at creating an harmonious space, a symbol of welcome and a gradual introduction to the mystery of contemplation.
Horizontal planes of different form, function and material are introduced inside the courtyard, perfectly integrated with the green area around. A steel and glass canopy shelters the entrance of the church without interrupting the view upwards thanks to its transparency.
You can approach the entrance door of the chapel through a slight linear ramp or by a composition of steps that guides the believers to the climb around a water basin, symbol of purity, baptism and conversion, made lively by little waterfalls. The frontal steps at the entrance could become sittings in order to exploit differently the central space of the courtyard, as a place to rest and meditate, surrounded by the constant presence of green that covers the outside walls of the courtyard.
The building heritage, a new architectural integration, lush and covering vegetation, gave life to a calm space. From this point of view, the court represents a quiet corner in the historic city centre, a small landscape in which architecture and nature interact in a vivid and mutual way.