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There’s always something new to behold in the tile industry. From new tile designs to colors, and themes, contemporary styles, honed and matte finishes, glass, and waterjet mosaics, there are many tile trends for you to choose from. Fusion is one of the dominating trends of 2019 when it comes to tiles. Mixing marble and stone tiles, creating customized tile designs, and incorporating the use of tile like wall art, these are the newest tile trends to watch out for! When using tiles, you must consider color, space, layout and style. Whether you’re designing your interior space, our exterior space like your garden wall, whether it’s for your home or your office, there are a number of ways to design with tile. There are a multitude of tiles that you can choose from. There are many options when it comes to colors, patterns, finishes, materials, and shapes. 

When working with tiles, you need an expert tiler who is an ace at their craft. 

What do tilers do?

Tilers lay ceramic, marble, glass, clay and other different types of tiles on your interior and exterior spaces. They provide a decorative and protective layer to your walls and floors. A Tiler chalks out the quantity of tiles needed to complete a job by taking accurate measurements of a space. They will mark the surfaces that need to be covered, they measure it out with a measuring tape, and take note of it. If they’re reworking on a wall, then they remove the previous layer on the wall which could include cement, old tiles, grout, and other materials. Next, they proceed to fill in any gaps, holes, and other imperfections. This is an extremely crucial step, and it must be done astutely. This is because the tiles can only be placed on an even layer. 

Tiler then proceed to attach the tiles to the walls with adhesives. They make sure that the tiles have been aligned accurately. Each and every inch and centimeter is taken into consideration during this process. The tiles are arranged in such a way that they form a pattern. Tilers use tools to cut and shape tiles. They also use tools to shape the walls and floors and other spaces on which the tiles will be placed. Tiler ensure that the space that they are working on is clean of any infestations, and other irritants. 

Tilers usually work in teams of two or three. They are often mathematical geniuses since they cannot make any mistakes when it comes to measuring out spaces. They are extremely skilled at their craft, and ensure that all the tiles are seamlessly aligned without any imperfections. 

Trending tile designs

Even a plain wall can be transformed into a work of art! When it comes to your home, there are many ways in which you can add elements of beauty and design to them. From furniture to light fixtures, from your floors to your ceiling, you can add an artsy essence to any space you wish. Take a look at some tile designs that you can use to recreate you bathroom, bedroom, living room, and your kitchen

Marble: Using marble tiles has several advantages to it. First, it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to manage and clean, and it’s durable and long-lasting. Marble is elegant, regal, and can add a luxe factor to your home. 

Hexagon: Smaller can be better! Hexagon tiles are dainty and small tiles that can be incorporated in smaller homes and smaller spaces. They can even be used to brighten up a dull home and add some character to it! 

Mediterranean: You can even add accents of the sea to your home. Mediterranean themed tiles can add elements of the sea to your home. This add a cooling factor since colors like sea-green and aqua blue are cooling colors. They keep your house cool during the summer, and if you’re a lover of the sea and beach, then this tile design is the ideal fit for your home.

Diagonal: If you want to add a funky and chic look to your home, then why not try diagonal tiles? They all the rage of 2019, and most of the celebrity homes are featuring these tile designs in their homes. It’s perfect for the modern home and for people who like keeping up with the latest styles and interior design trends.

Customized: Another trend that you could try out is customizing your tiles and creating your very own unique styles. It’ll definitely add a personalized feel to your home. You can discuss the different styles you can try out with the Tiler that you have hired.

If you’re looking for more inspiration when it comes to tile designs, then do check out our homify website. It’s your one-stop-solutions when it comes to home interiors and designs.