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Tilers in Hyderabad

Tiling means laying tiles on a surface. Tiling is a way of arranging the same plane shapes so that they completely cover an area without overlapping. Tilers do the work of tiling.

Wall and Floor tilers:

Wall and Floor Tilers prepare walls and floors for tiling, apply adhesive and cut and position tiles. They work in domestic properties such as houses and flats, or commercial premises such as supermarkets, offices, and shopping centers. They might also work in places such as food processing plants and hospital operating theatres that need easy to clean floor surfaces. The work begins with the preparation of the area to be covered. The bare surface is cleaned and made smooth. Tilers sometimes use filling materials to fill gaps and to correct irregular patches.

The area must be accurately measured and the laying planned to avoid waste. If tilers are making a pattern with the tiles, they have to plan this carefully. Tilers may use pre‐mixed adhesive or prepare their own from sand and cement. They lay each tile carefully, checking that it's straight before putting the next one in place,  often have to cut tiles to fit around existing structures and fittings, mainly when working in bathrooms and kitchens. They may also need to cut tiles to fit around floor pillars, columns, or staircases in office premises. When all the tiles are in

place and the adhesive is dry, they fill the joints with grout.

Personal Qualities

As a Wall & Floor Tiler, you'll need to:

- Be an accurate and careful worker

- Have an awareness of the importance of health and safety in the industry

- Be good with your hands

- Have excellent number skills for measuring and cutting

- Be physically fit, because the work involves carrying, kneeling and bending

Where do I find a good tiler in Hyderabad?

Homify has a list of professional Tilers in Hyderabad. You can go to the professionals' section and contact the tilers there to get the right one depending on your needs. Apart from that Homify also has other professionals in different cities across India like kitchen planners, architects, interior architects, painters, gardeners, etc.

How much would a tiler charge in Hyderabad?

Tilers in any city in India charge on per square feet basis. Tilers in Hyderabad would charge approximately Rs. 35/- to 40/- per square feet for kitchen tiling and bathroom tiling. Fixing the tiling or retiling work may cost around 30/- per sq. Ft. while demolition charges may be about 15/- per sq. Ft. 

Can you suggest some of the best bathroom floor tile types?

1. Ceramic tile: It is a type of flooring has a wide range of selection, from color, sizes, shapes to finishes, and texture.


- Glazed ceramic doesn't absorb water.

- Durable.

- Relatively inexpensive.

- Huge variety of colors and designs.

Con: Not as impervious to water as porcelain but also not as expensive as porcelain tiles.

2. Terracotta Tiles: It is a traditional type of tiles. They create a homely, cozy, and delightful ambiance in your home. They are durable surface tile flooring material, made from a discrete red or earthy hued clay. 

3. Vinyl Tiles: They are the most commonly used in bathrooms. Easier to install and eco-friendly since it is reusable and are less prone to cracks and breaking. People use it because of its low cost than the ceramic tiles.


- Inexpensive.

- Resilient.

- Easier to install.

Cons: Not as beautiful as ceramic, porcelain, or other tiles.

4. Stone Tiles: They are becoming popular nowadays. Made from marble, granite, limestone, and slate, they are available in different textures in the market, which includes sandblasted, etched, cleft, and tumbled. The colors are ranging from creams to blues, reds, and greens. Stone tiles require more maintenance in terms of regular cleaning, and this is more expensive than the other types of tiles. Few of the stone tile types are-

a. Marble Tile: They are sophisticated and traditional. These tiles can be highly polished and come in a range of sizes. They can be patterned or veined, adding a new color to a bathroom.


- Beautiful.


- Expensive.

- Susceptible to scratches and stains.

b. Granite Tiles: They are attractive, durable, and versatile. They come in many colors and styles. Granite tiles are ideal for decorating rustic themed rooms and are perfect for baths since it is resistant to stains and moisture.


- Durable and strong.

- Enjoy that granite look.


- Slippery.

- Expensive.

- Many are not fond of the way granite looks.

c. Limestone Tiles: They have a strong and stable surface, which is ideal as a flooring material. The muted colors of limestone tiles give a clean and comfortable feel, which is perfect for a bathroom.

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