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Fabritech India
We take the advantage to introduce ourselves as the comprehensive Tensile & Poly carbonate roofing solutions service provider
DNB Construction, LLC
We began in 2009. Two family friends who were tired of contractors promising one thing and delivering another came together
Progettiamo, Produciamo e Posiamo Case, Tetti e Portichetti curvi in Legno.Progettazione, realizzazione e posa in opera
CUTECMA Estructuras de madera
CUTECMA, Cubiertas técnicas en madera es una empresa especializada en diseño, cálculo y montaje de estructuras y cubiertas
Cintsa Thatching & Roofing
Based in the Eastern Cape and operating for over 15 years Cintsa Thatching & Roofing are specialists in thatching and
Профессиональный монтаж плоских кровель. Устройство эксплуатируемых кровель. Террасы на крыше. Строительство современных
Mechelk Bedachungstechnik GmbH
WILLKOMMEN BEI MECHELK BEDACHUNGSTECHNIK Ihrem Partner rund um das Dach aus dem Westerwald. Gemeinsam bilden wir ein zuverlässiges
Fakro Pivot Çatı Pencereleri
Fakro Çatı Pencereleri Fakro Çatı Pencereleri , Çift Açılımlı , Pivot , Elektro Uzaktan Kumandalı, Ekonomik Pencere Çeşitleri
RUFE Designs
RUFE specializes in precision roof designs.Roofs deserve to look beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside.This
Garden master limitada
-Instalación de Pasto en alfombra. -Sembrado de pasto por semilla previa preparación del terreno. -plantación de arboles
Ploughcroft are a leading Yorkshire roofing and home improvement company.We firmly believe that looking after your roof
Mái bạt xếp lượn sóng hòa phát Điểm 10 cho chất lượng Với sự đa dạng về mẫu mã, phong phú về màu sắc, đảm bảo về chất lượng
Строй 911
Профессиональные кровельщики нашей компании выполнят монтаж кровли любого типа: скатная, плоская, зеленая, мансардная и
ТД Сотдел
Наша главная цель не просто продавать строительные материала и осуществлять монтажные работы, мы стараемся удовлетворять
Fortuna Jaya Kreasi
Kami kontraktor spesialis tenda membrane untuk kanopi parkiran, atap restoran, atap lapangan, tribun penonton, amphitheater
NB Exquisite Designs
NB Exquisite Designs specialise in all aspects of GRP fabrication and mouldings, also roof tiling and slating. We offering
TC Roofers Dublin
Dublin roofing repair specialists. Repairing all types of roofing, guttering and chimneys in Dublin. Emergency call out
Calgary Elite Roofing
The elite way with guaranteed craftsmanship and best value roof repair services in Calgary and Southern Alberta.
PT. Kencana Maju Bersama
PT. Kencana Maju Bersama adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang distribusi manufaktur galvalum atau baja ringan yang
Franc-Deker Marek Francuz
Doświadczony i pełen profesjonalistów zespół dekarzy z firmy "Franc-Deker" poleca swoje usługi dekarskie. Zajmujemy się

Roofers in Kolkata

Kolkata, the artistic and cultural capital of India is a city of sharp contrasts and contradictions. Where on the one side it has retained the glorious charm of Colonial-era architecture in its historical buildings and havelis and bungalows; on the other side the city’s contemporary streets of Bastis and marginalised urban areas is broken by swanky high-rise, multi-storey blocks and vibrant suburban homes proudly boasting the skyline. Being the commercial and educational hub of East India, Kolkata is home of indigenous people and migrants from across the country and even from abroad. The ‘City of Joy’ has a unique character which the people of Kolkata have maintained in its architectural style, culture and even its cuisine. Even though there is a huge contrast in the buildings of the city, but still one thing is common, all the structures have roofs.

What do roofers do?

The definition of the roofer says that they are the ones who specialize in the construction, maintenance and repair of the roofs. However, the job demands greater skills and accuracy. They lay the roofing materials and shingles perfectly to avoid any leakage or dampness, seal the corners and wall-joints accurately, repair any damage, install solar panels and insulation, they do the coating or lay the cooling tiles or create a terrace garden on the roofs for cool roofing. They even lay the drain pipe for smooth collection and flow of rainwater for rainwater harvesting. Exterior or interior or even the permanent or temporary roofs installed in the outdoors, pergola in the garden, covering of the veranda and portico, sheds of factories and industries, and even of the railway station, airports or the Kolkata metro stations, the roofs are installed, maintained and repaired by the roofers of Kolkata.  

What are the common design elements of the roofs in Kolkata?

The main elements of roof design are the materials, shape of roofs and the type of construction and its durability. Where the city of Kolkata has new and old localities with different types of roofs stretching within and beyond, the city also has ever expanding urban slums where brick houses with RCC or tin roofs are fast replacing the mud houses with bamboo roofs. Roofs envelop the building and provide protection from weather and shelter; hence the elements used for its design should be carefully picked. 

Roof materials: Banana and coconut leaves, straws, tin sheet, RCC, concrete, red clay tiles, China mosaic, ceramic tiles, cool roofing tiles, Polycarbonate sheets, asphalt, coal tar pitch, aluminium, wood to even laminated glass; many materials adorns the roofs of Kolkata homes depending on the preference and affordability of the owner.

Style of roof: In the traditional Kolkata homes, the roofs were generally pitched to allow the easy flow of rainwater, especially during monsoons since Kolkata receives a good amount of rainfall. The modern homes usually have flat roofs with drain pipes to drain out the rainwater of the terrace and even assist in rainwater harvesting. A few houses still flaunts pitched roofs to give it a traditional feel and for the aesthetics. The other style which is gaining popularity due to its peculiar style and usefulness in collecting rainwater for water harvesting is the butterfly roofs. In this style of roof the slant of the roofs are inwards with drain in the middle of the two roofs to collect water from rain. The historical buildings have domes, a reminiscence of Colonial-style architecture.

Durability of roof: Construction of the roof is the work of great responsibility and has to be done with utmost care. Working with the architects and building contractors, the roofers start their work right from the blueprint of the building. The foundation, wall constructions and the load bearing beam of the building determines the style and strength of the roof. The durability of the roof matters since any defect in it may cause serious damage to the whole building.

How much will it cost to hire the roofer in Kolkata?

When constructing a new house or purchasing a new apartment in a high-rise, you won’t have to pay separately for the roofer since the charges are included in building construction. However, for extra works like cool roofing, covering or portico or terraces, gazebo, outdoor roofing, etc. they will give the estimate after inspecting the site and the materials selected for the roofing. The cost of roofing will depend on the material selected and the complexity of the work. Obviously the concrete and tile roofing will cost more than the PVC or modular roofs which only needs to be fixed and fitted. 

How can I find the best roofer in Kolkata?

In this age of the internet, finding any service has become simple and you can find the best from the comfort of your home. Homify India maintains the directory of the professionals whose services are required in home construction, maintenance and repair and for home décor. All you have to do is to look for the roofers in Kolkata, browse through their works from the images of real sites, select the one for your project and fill the simple online form. Our professional will get in touch with you as soon as possible.          

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