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Roofers in Kanpur

Installing a new roof or renovating the existing ones or even the repair of the roof is a huge investment both in terms of time and money. Hence, we would definitely want to invest judiciously on the roof of our house to last longer. However, apart from the weather, even the environment where you live contributes on the lifespan of the roof. Kanpur being the most polluted city in the country, the roof of the houses constructed here has to be selected with care since it has the highest probability of damage from the industrial pollutants laden atmosphere of the city.  

What are the best roofing materials to choose from for your Kanpur home?

Kanpur experiences extreme climate, hot in summer, rainy in monsoons and cold in winter. And then there is pollution in the environment which makes the selection of roofing materials an important decision to be taken and should be installed only after consulting the expert roofers in Kanpur. However, while choosing the material for roofing, the architects, roofing contractors and homeowners of modern homes also like to consider the aesthetics and functionality of the roof along with the durability. Here is the list of a few roofing materials you can choose from after consulting the roofing contractor:

  1. Slate: Stony strength of slate will last for generations; in fact, it is the longest lasting roofing material which can stay for more than 150 years. The robustness and natural beauty of the material substantially reduces the maintenance requirement of it.  However, slate roofing is quite heavy and hence the foundation and building structure of the house should be planned accordingly to bear its weight. Slate comes in different shades of grey, so loosen your imagination and give your terrace and façade of the home an aesthetic look by playing with its shades. 
  2. Clay or terracotta: Once common material for roofing in village homes, its durability, lighter shades and ability to withstand all weather conditions and maintain its elegance even in dirt and dust of the city, clay or terracotta tiles have become popular in Kanpur.  
  3. Concrete: It’s the most durable and affordable material which can withstand the extreme weather conditions, it is robust, heat resistant, easy to maintain and the concrete tiles can be customised to suit your choice of colour and style. 
  4. Membrane: The modern architectural marvel adorning the skyline of Kanpur are adapting the latest in Global technology to bring in new innovations on the roofs of the buildings and bungalows. Membrane roofing is a rubber like material (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) used in the roofing. This material is specially designed to withstand the extreme weather and pollution conditions. 
  5. Asphalt shingles: Available in warranted life of 20-25 years, this roofing material is available in various shapes and textures and with its reflective surface keeps the house cool in long summer days and is easy to maintain. 
  6. Ceramic tiles: Usually white colour is preferred to cover the roof because it reflects light and heat maximum. The best thing about it is that it can be laid on the existing roof and used to convert it to cool roof too.
  7. Photovoltaic shingles:  Through this recent innovation in roofing technology, you can make a small contribution towards the clean environment by opting for this material and converting the roof into a green roof. Instead of reflecting the abundant sunlight we get in Kanpur, convert it into green energy for your private use. 

Do we need to hire a professional roofer in Kanpur or we can take up the challenge to take it up as DIY project?

Roofing is a highly skilled job and with the type of roofing material usually used in India, it is always advisable to hire a professional roofer rather than struggling on your own. Even if it is modular roof, the kind of precision the roofing work requires, you will eventually end up calling the expert. There are lots of advantages in hiring the roofer:

Better service: Roofs not only shield the house providing protection to the inhabitants, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Laying the roof perfectly is also important to avoid seepage, dampness, proper sealing, leveling and sloping, and also to protect the inner atmosphere of the home. Roofers learn through experiences and have ample knowledge and experience to lay any style of roof with any type of roofing material that it is better to hire the roofer for perfect finishing. 

Cost and time efficiency: Though you will have to pay the roofer for the service rendered, the cost will compensate the service provided and the time and material saved by hiring them. At a nominal cost, what you will get will be warranted work, better finishing, faster service and without any wastage.

Safety: Installation of the roof is a rugged job which requires long hours of working under the harsh temperature exposed on the roof, carrying heavy loads of materials through stairs or scaffolding, handling equipment, and also balancing at the height while working.  It is better to leave the challenges for the expert roofers who come with the team and all the safety gear for protection.

Expert guidance: Roofing is a huge investment and the roofers of Kanpur are trained experts who can recommend you the best material and style that will suit your locality and last longer without any hassle. 

How can I find the best roofer for my home in Kanpur?

It’s common for a homeowner to hire the architecture and design firms for the project or home in Kanpur and entrust them with the complete responsibility of finishing the job.  The building professionals maintain the list of contractors and subcontractors whose expert services are required in different parts of home construction, like floorers for flooring, joiners for carpentry and roofers for roofing. You may seek the service of the professionals to get the roofer for your project. 

Alternatively, you can go online with your search. However, make sure that you land up in some reputed website like Homify India, which maintains the directory of verified professionals. Search for the roofers in Kanpur under the list of professionals in Kanpur, browse through the images and drop in the message to the shortlisted roofers. Our roofers will get in touch with you soon. 

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