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Roofers in Chennai

Think Chennai and the first thing that comes to mind are swaying coconut trees, architectural marvel of temples, rich culture and linguistic richness, a very hot climate, but thankfully the cool sea breeze flows through the city and homes all through the day and night. The traditional Chennai homes have a wide frontal veranda and central courtyard around which the rooms are built to keep the heat away and assist in cross ventilation. The roofs are usually pitched-roof made of brick and clay, often covered with locally available red clay tiles or thatched bamboo which ensures cooler homes even in Chennai’s heat. The roofs are arranged in different levels, the entrance porch roof at a lower level than the roofs of the main building. However, the style of the modern buildings and homes have evolved and are built in contemporary style with flat roofs and floor to ceiling glass doors to welcome the cool breeze and permit the daylight to brighten up the space. Chennai is the sixth most populous city and with various industries like automobile, IT, manufacturing and healthcare flourishing within and in its vicinity, the city ranks fourth in urban agglomeration in India.

What do roofers do?

A roof above your head! Whether it is of brick, concrete, asphalt, galvanized steel, tin sheet or thatched; it doesn’t matter as far as we have a roof above our head. It’s the job of the roofers to fix, build, repair, replace and maintain the roofs of commercial buildings and residential houses. They construct roofs using a variety of materials which include essential elements like shingles, metals and bitumen to protect the house from rain and sun. They may be called to inspect the building before laying the roof, examine for any damage in the existing roof of the building, estimate the costs and materials required to build or fix the roof, install cool coatings, insulation or weather protection in new and existing roofs, seal and fix the roof with wall properly to avoid any leakage and repair any dampness in the roofs. More recently, the Madras high court has instructed the Government to make the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panel (SPVP) mandatory on roofs of every upcoming multi-storey, high rise and residential houses and commercial buildings in Chennai. The environmental friendly citizens of Chennai also hire the roofers to facilitate rain water harvesting in their new or existing buildings. 

What are the different types of roofing you can have in Chennai?

Heat, rain, hurricane and even Tsunami: Chennai homes should be ready to face any of the nature’s fury and the roofs have to be strong enough to protect your home in all weather conditions. The different types of roofing to choose from for your Chennai home are:

Clay Tile roofing: Quite common in the traditional homes, clay tile roofing is popular even in modern homes. Maybe it is so because of the benefits it comes with. Made from local materials, clay tile roofing is budget friendly, readily available, easy to install, available in a wide variety of colours and styles and is resistant to wind, heat and hail. 

Elevation Louver: The roofing system quite prevalent in medieval buildings is revived in modern buildings because of its benefits. The angular openings are designed in a way with horizontal and vertical overlapping slats which admits air and light, but shuts the rain, direct sunlight and noise.  It’s easy to install and maintain and perfect for Chennai’s weather.  

Industrial roofing: Perfect for the variety of industries in Chennai, these shades are high strength, durable, light weight, easy to install and rust resistance. These are usually made from high quality metals like aluminium and steel. 

Terrace roofing: Generally used in commercial sites, airport, railway station, warehouses and even in independent residences, these roofing structures are heat resistant, waterproof, and sturdy and are available in a variety of colours, designs, styles, shapes and sizes to meet the client’s requirements.

Polycarbonate sheets: Light weight, unbreakable, self-extinguishing in case of fire, easy installation, super strong and flexible and with up to 90% of light transmission, these roofing sheets are widely used in the Greenhouse, to protect the terrace garden from direct sunlight , skylights, dormer windows, coffee shops, hospitals, portico, etc. It can be customized to meet the client’s requirements. 

Tensile roofing:  It’s perfect for gardens, terraces, walkways, schools, houses and to cover the outdoors since it protects from ultraviolet rays. When installed as awning or roofing in houses, it substantially reduces the indoor temperature and keeps the house cool.

Colour coated truss roofing: Custom-made to meet the requirements of the building, these roofing styles enhances the aesthetics of the residential or commercial buildings with its beautiful designs and pop of colour in red, blue, olive green or grey. It also protects the building from the harshness of weather. 

How much will the roofer charge in Chennai?

Roofers charges a fixed amount as their fees which depends on the work, surface area to be covered, challenges and risk involved in the work which depends on the height of the building and the number of labourers needed for the project. The roofer will give you the estimate after visiting the site and assessment of the work. The costs of materials are to be borne by the client.

How can I find the best roofer in Chennai?

Roofers are an integral part of the team of architects, interior designers and decorators or the building contractors. When looking for the roofers in Chennai, you may contact your building professionals. Alternatively, in this age of online services, if you like exploring the internet in search of the best professionals in Chennai, then you have landed on the right page. Look for the roofers from the exhaustive list of professionals in the homify India website. We are sure you will find the best in Chennai since we have a long list of verified professionals to choose from.           


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