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Roofers in Ahmedabad

Ahmadabad, the heritage city with a rich history of architecture ranging from the Sultanate, the Mughal, Maratha, Dutch and British and more recently the American and European architects and of course Ahmedabad's own B.V.Doshi is a melting pot of various tradition, culture and architectural style. If one part of the city stands in testimony of its rich heritage with the distinct style of the roofs distinguishing its forts, mosques and temples, even from a distance; the other part of the city skyline is adorned by the modern structures and high-rise basking in the bright sun which shines in Ahmedabad's sky almost all through the year. While in earlier days, the roofs of the buildings were designed with simplicity with local materials available; the roofs of the modern buildings are designed to harness the energy of the sun and at the same time protect the home and keep it cool during long summers. And then there is the festival of Uttarayan when the roofs of every single home of Ahmedabad turns into the battle ground to celebrate the kite festival.

What do the roofers do?

Roofing is a craft which needs time and patience to finish the job. In fact, it is such a specialized job that it can be done only by the accomplished roofers and labourers.

  • Roof is an important part of building construction, which establishes the completion of the structure, roofers’ works with the architects and building contractors’ right from the blueprint stage.
  • The basic job of the roofer is to install the new roof and inspect, repair and replace the existing ones and to provide solutions to all types of roofing problems faced by the clients.
  • Depending on the style of roof, they determine the structure and strength of beams and walls which will be supporting the roof.
  • They also set up scaffolding to provide safe access to the roof during the construction. 
  • They provide the estimation of materials and labourers required for the roofing job.
  • They assure that the roof is weatherproof to face the harsh summers of Ahmedabad and water and damp proofing to avoid any damage to the building. 
  • It’s their job to apply reflective roof-coating to the existing roof to reduce solar heat absorption. 
  • Suggest and install solar panels on the existing roof after checking the load-bearing strength of the building and without damaging the roofing materials or the strength of the building.
  • They help to prepare the roof to make it a green roof; the preparation includes protective membranes, proper drainage and aeration, and damp-proofing the roof. They then also help in the installation of layers of vegetation-based green roofs. 

What type of roofing should be installed to keep the home cool in Ahmedabad?

Though the application of material for cool roof is most effective when the building is in construction stage or under renovation, however, the roofer will assist you with cool roofing even in existing buildings. They will suggest you the appropriate roofing type after checking the existing roof material, life and maintenance of the building, availability of skilled workers, budget and time allotted for completion of the project. Before contacting the roofer, learn about the different types of cool roof techniques.

Cool roof coating: The layer of coating material or paints with high reflectivity is applied on the conventional roof. Usually these are made of simple materials like lime wash or plastic or acrylic polymer technology and are mostly white in colour. 

Cool roof tiles: China mosaic tiles, shingles or albedo roofs are designed to reflect UV rays from the sun and reduce the heating of the roof and internal of the building. These are installed on top of the roof.

Cool roof membrane: Prefabricated materials made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or bitumen-based membrane or sheets are used to cover the existing roofs or new roofs to keep it cool. 

Cool green roofs: Though expensive and also requires regular watering, green garden on terrace has become quite popular, especially among the environmentally conscious citizens of Ahmedabad and also among the ones who want to grow their own vegetables on the roofs. Vegetation provides thermal covering, reflects infrared radiation and reduces the flow of heat into the building. 

Eco-friendly cool roof: As an alternative to RCC roofs, the eco-friendly cool roofs made of coconut husk and waste paper are becoming popular in and around Ahmedabad.

How much will the roofer cost in Ahmedabad?

Roofers are generally employed with the building contractors and the customers don’t have to pay separately for roofing. However, when the roofers are hired for renovation or repair or for extra installation like cool roofing or solar panels on existing roofs, they will charge you after the site visit. The charge will depend on the complexity of work, surface area to be treated, the number of labourers required for the project, the cost of materials required and the materials selected for coating to make it cool roof.

How can I find the best roofer in Ahmedabad?

The building contractor or the architect hired by you will get you the roofer too. They are usually the part of their team. However, if you are looking for roofers for renovation or for special installations for the existing building or even the new home you are planning to construct, you have reached the best website. homify India has maintained the directory of the professionals involved in home construction, maintenance and décor. Search for the roofers in Ahmedabad, browse through the images of real sites, shortlist the professional and submit the duly filled online form. Our professional will get in touch with you soon.