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Plumbers in Pimpri and Chinchwad

Being in the vicinity of two mega cities like Mumbai and Pune has brought advantages of modern technology to Pimpri and Chinchinwad without the problems of traffic and pollution. It is more of an industrial town with nearly 4000 industrial units is the state’s second largest industrial city after Mumbai. Due to its hilly landscape and close proximity to two rivers the city has rarely faced scarcity of water like other large cities making it easy for plumbers of Pimpri and Chinchinwad to provide water connectivity to the city’s residents when new residential and commercial buildings came up in its vicinity due to the industrial revolution in the area. 

How to find a reliable plumber in Pimpri and Chinchwad

Being a tech savvy city with educated population you can expect to find many online service providers that offer handymen professionals like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and several others to take care of small tasks around the house. Talk to them directly about your plumbing needs and if possible share pictures of the problem area along with contact details. Once they find plumbers in your area the plumbers may contact you directly and may ask a few details about the problem and offer details about their charges. Based on your discussion with the Pimpri and Chinchinwad plumbers you can decide which one to call home for the required repairs. 

If you feel calling a random person from online details is a bit risky then you can always call a freelance plumber in your locality that has been recommended by either friends or colleagues. As the services and character of such plumber have already been verified by someone you know he is not likely to be a criminal and someone can definitely vouch for him. Besides these sources you can also check with your nearest hardware store for contact details of plumbers in the area as they would be buying tools for their profession from the store. Always carry out due diligence about the background of the plumber that you let into your house. 

Problems that you are likely to face with poor plumbing

Good plumbing structure within a house is key to maintaining health and well-being of its inhabitants as every other day.  When we read reports of how people fall sick when their drinking water pipelines get mixed up with drainage or the latter gets blocked and leads to outbreak of disease we realise that plumber is very important and can do several live saving tasks along with repairing leaky faucets

Solar water heater pipeline – The plumber has to be knowledgeable about how the entire mechanism of the solar heater works and flow of hot water can be directed to the bathroom even when the sun is not shining brightly. If the pipes are not fixed properly and there is no valve to turn off the hot water flow then someone could get scalded with hot water by opening the wrong tap. 

Poor quality pipes and fittings – Even if you are staying in a place like Pimpri and Chinchinwad which does not have sea water that is responsible for corroding metal fittings, poor quality fittings tend to get destroyed faster than good quality ones. Since pipes are fitted within the walls now only when paint starts peeling off walls one calls the plumber and by then the damage is vast. 

Open wires – Placing electric wires within safe insulated casings are an important part of plumbing to avert disasters in bathrooms and kitchens as these are regions which have multiple electrical gadgets and water sources too. Never have wires that are taped together of gadgets that are likely to get wet either in the interiors or exteriors of your house. 

Cost of hiring a plumber in Pimpri and Chinchwad

The cost of hiring a plumber in Pimpri and Chinchwad depends on the job he is expected to do and on its complexity that will determine the time. Repairing small leaks or changing taps may cost around Rs. 150 – 200 but complex tasks like changing pipes or fixing a new set and installation of sanitary-ware along with plumbing can cost several thousands.  Plumbers in Pimpri and Chinchwad have standard rate of Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 as service charge for small tasks and more for time consuming tasks.  Plumbing like internal wiring forms the backbone of a house and charges for setting up and repairing these essentials also have their own costs. 

  1. For water supply and removal of waste water out of the house PVC pipes are generally used and if raw materials like pipes, shower fittings, accessories and sanitary wares are purchased and given to the plumber he may charge around Rs. 7000-10000 for each bathroom and kitchen. 
  2. If the entire bathroom and kitchen plumbing work is outsourced to a contractor along with responsibility of raw material purchases it could cost upwards of Rs. 50000 to maybe a lakh depending on the quality of accessories and fitting that you want to install. For installation luxury fittings like Jacuzzi, shower and steam cabinets it could cost slightly more. 
  3. Cost of replacing blocked and leaking pipes depends on the problem whether only the pipe needs to be changed or just a few washers need to be replaced but labor could cost upwards of Rs. 500 a day depending on the availability of skilled plumber. 
  4. Replacing accessories like taps and shower heads can be done for just Rs. 200 – 250 as it just takes a couple of hours if you can get the spares. 
  5. For setting up electrical equipment like geyser, water filter, solar heater, washing machine etc Pimpri and Chinchinwad plumbers generally ask for just service charges. 

To find a reliable Pimpri and Chinchwad plumber you can always refer to homify that has details of the services of local handymen in several small and large cities along with their contact details. 

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