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What do plumbers do?

The one person who comes to mind when dealing with any water related issue is a plumber. He is the one who can take care of water, drainage and blocking issues. A plumber can help to maintain and periodically inspect all sorts of drainage and water points in kitchens, utility areas and bathrooms. This will also help to keep your kitchens and bathrooms totally hygienic at all times. In the kitchen, the plumber comes in very handy. He will take care of both fresh water line and drinking water line. A plumber will ensure that all your kitchen fittings like faucets and drainage plugs are in perfect working condition. Moreover, a plumber can also set up your water purifier, so that you get clean and purified drinking water. Besides these, a plumber is an ideal help for bathroom installations and maintenance as well. A plumber is required for your entire tap related issues like tapping repairs, leakages and blockages. They can easily bring in sleek equipment that will repair all issues without destroying your classy sanitary ware. A plumber can serve as a consultant when buying ideal and suitable pipes, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. Further, a plumber makes sure that all the pipes inside the walls are fit to handle enough pressure. When it comes to old houses, especially in a city like Kolkata that has a rich cultural heritage, a plumber is essential to see and gauge whether the water lines are effectively working or not. For high-rise buildings, a plumber ensures that the shower pressure is optimum and all the drain lines are perfectly connected to the main sewer line. This prevents choking and blocking. Moreover, the plumber can set up all other fittings and sanitary ware in the bathroom, as well. They make sure that all water lines are connected with proper internal piping. Thereby  the plumber also ensures that there is no leakage or chance of a leak in the internal piping. While they set up water heaters and geysers, plumbers may also help you to clean and maintain these appliances. The scaling inside a geyser is a common problem. This issue badly affects the efficiency and flow in hot water pipelines. A plumber may open parts of the geyser to remove this nuisance and make it as new as before. Plumbers are also a great help while setting up bathtubs and other lavish features in your bathroom. They extend their services in installing features like whirlpools and spas, too. They may also be a great assistance while installing shower cubicles and high technology toilets. When it comes to the exteriors, a plumber can help you to create a relaxing and soothing ambience, be it by installing fountains or sprinklers. In case you are planning to go sustainable, a plumber can build green roofs as well. They will arrange proper pumping and piping systems so that your house remains cool and does not suffer from natural warming. A plumber can also help you to set up a rainwater harvesting system so that you can make use of the rainwater. Furthermore, a plumber can work in close coordination with the electrician to give you a conservatory or swimming pool of your dreams. He will  lay all the lines internally so that the overall look of the house does not get tarnished. Try having a plumber from a reliable source to get all work done in time. To know more about such sources, keep on reading.

How do I find a high quality plumber in Kolkata?

Finding the right plumber in Kolkata is not a cumbersome task as there are many sources that can provide help. You can start with a wide online search for the best website that provides plumbing services. You can narrow down the search by evaluating the public reviews and feedbacks. Try to judge, from the general reviews, whether the website is good enough or not. You can also go for local services to choose a plumber from. Hereby it is always a good idea to consult neighbours and friends to get to know the best local store for hiring a plumber. This is very helpful in finding the right plumer in Kolkata who is trustworthy and experienced at the same time.  Asking the apartment administration is another way to know which plumbers are good for what type of jobs. Homify also offers a list of plumbers with contact details, so that you can get in touch with them. This website allows plumbers to create an account and display all their previous experiences. This helps customers to gauge the past experience and skills of the plumber. You might also refer to the local yellow page booklet to find a plumber in Kolkata.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a plumber?

When hiring a plumber look out for his qualification, previous experience and feedback from clients. If calling a local handyman, get recommendations from neighbours for example. This will help you to understand his previous work experience and people’s feedback, too. If you found a plumber online, make sure you go through all the reviews and feedbacks to decide upon the best worker. If there are no reviews displayed, it is better to call the service number for detailed information. Also, make sure the plumber listens to your ideas and suggestions.

How much will a plumber cost in Kolkata?

The cost of the plumber depends on the work that needs to be done. If you are calling a plumber just for fixing one tap, he might charge you a lot pertaining to his travel costs. Therefore, it is always advisable to collect all small tasks for one day and then call the plumber. The costs of the plumber also vary, if he is coming from a local store or an online service. While online websites might  charge some extra costs pertaining to their customer care and other services, local services are much cheaper. You may ask your neighbours and friends about the best local agency that provides a competitive price and good service. The cost of a plumber also depends on the time you call him. If calling him in the night or during the festive season, the price is likely to shoot up.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a plumber in Kolkata?

When hiring a plumber in Kolkata, asking for an overall price estimate at the very beginning is always a good option, in order to avoid additional costs. Try to avoid to call an emergency plumber. Local plumbers and genuine online websites will deliver appropriate service at a competitive market price. Always refer to the current market price before finalizing any service from an agency.  Moreover you should accumulate small tasks and call the plumber just once to fix all the issues together.

What other professionals do I need for my home?

Floor fitters in Kolkata

Floor fitters in Kolkata are responsible for providing you a floor of your choice. They can provide various types of flooring like marble, cemented, stone and wooden flooring. They are even responsible for suggesting treatments and carrying out maintenance procedures for enhancing the life of your floor.

Electricians in Kolkata 

Electricians in Kolkata work in close coordination with joiners and floor fitters. They also work along with plumbers when it comes to the  bathroom and kitchen. Electricians fix and repair all your lights and domestic appliances. You might also need an electrician to install new appliances.

Joiners in Kolkata 

Joiners in Kolkata are highly important, as they providing wooden accents and details for your home. After the painters are done with colouring the walls and floor fitters are done by laying the floor, the joiners can provide all the wooden storage accents and build cabinets as well as cupboards for example.