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What do plumbers do?

A plumber is required to understand and provide solutions for all the water related problems. They come in handy when you are building a new house from scratch as they educate you with the water supply and lay your basic water and drainage pipelines. Even after designing the house, you need a plumber for every small eater trouble either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Plumbers are needed for installing all your bathroom appliances and sanitary ware. Be it wash basins or bathtubs, he is the one person who knows how to connect everything to the main water line. A plumber makes sure that you get both cold water and hot water in the bathroom. He knows how to connect the water lines to the geyser or water heater and promise an uninterrupted supply. 

Plumbers are also very handy in the kitchen. While setting up a new kitchen, they will take care of both fresh water line and drinking water line.  They will help you install water motors that can suck water out of the ground. Also a plumber can help you in setting up your RO or Aqua guard, so that you get clean and purified water every time. A plumber is also required to deal with the drainage issue. He is responsible to check in case you have any blocked sink or blocked pipe issues. It might appear to be simple at first, but once you check you might notice that there is a huge blockage in the sewer line. This calls for a lot of effort and helping hands. A plumber will anyways make the job easy by employing third party agencies to clear the main hole from the inside. 

A plumber is also required in case of any leakage from the taps or from the inside. He makes sure that all the pipes inside the walls are fit to handle enough pressure. Especially in old constructions, when metal corrodes, the pipes may burst, leading to water leakages all over. A plumber take care of this situation and help you lay new and improved lines. This is, however a challenging and time consuming job. 

You might as well need a plumber to install your garden fountains and garden hose. They make sure that garden water is getting recycled and plants are getting enough water. A plumber also helps you get Eco friendly. He can link the solar water heater with your bathroom and kitchen taps. They can also help you harvest rainwater and then use it for desired purposes. A local plumber also helps you solve all your kitchen related problems that might arise due to blocked pipes because of left over food material. A plumber can even be called along with the electrician to make arrangements for a spa or Jacuzzi in your bathroom. They can even solve the flooded bathroom issues that may result due to heavy rain and sewer blockages. 

How do I find a high quality plumber in Delhi?  

Considering the huge size of Delhi, it is not tough to find a plumber or plumbing agency. All you need to do is be vigilant and educated about the plumbers and their prices. Take help from the residents of that city. Also, you might want to consult your friends and colleagues in the same society of building. You might as well try to locate the plumbers with the help of online media. There are a number of websites providing services like plumbers, electrician and even make up artists that come down to your door and give you the best service possible. For locating the best agency, research through the customer reviews and feedbacks. Only after getting satisfied with reviews, try booking an appointment for yourself. Just like any other metropolitan cities, Delhi might look expensive in the first go, but if you are satisfied with the first service you can even hire the plumber for a long term contract. This way they prove much cheaper. Homify provides a list of professionals, too. 

What do I need to look out for when hiring a plumber?  

Just like any other servicemen, even plumbers need to be checked and double checked based on their past performance and reliability. You just cannot afford to hand over all your expensive and classy sanitary ware to a person who is new to plumbing. Also try looking for only experienced and well educated plumbers. In today’s time, technology is changing with each equipment. So while one plumber will be educated about one device he might not be aware of the other. Before fixing the appointment talk to the person and analyze if he has the basic knowledge or not. Let him operate the devices only when you are satisfied with his experience. Another way to be sure about the plumber’s capability is by reading reviews and past experience. It is always advisable for consumers to put in their feedback; positive or negative on online sites to make it easier for other users. If you have called for an electrician from one source, try calling for other services like plumbing and carpeting from the same source itself. This way it will be much cheaper for you. 

How much will a plumber cost in Delhi?  

A plumber in Delhi costs according to the services you asked for. Educate yourself before calling in for any such service. Ask your neighbours, relatives and friends more about such topics and then zero it on the best match of good service and price. The cost of the plumber will also be dependant on where you are calling him from. Try locating plumbers near to your society or building. Try not paying for their transportation and delivery costs. You can joint the building maintenance and hire one plumber for the whole apartment. That proves to be a much cheaper option and also he will be there at any hour of the day. If you are planning to call a plumber during nights or holidays he may prove to be very expensive. Therefore, learning a few tricks to handle the situation temporarily will not be a bad idea. When calling for a plumber charge him only for the service and not for the equipment he tries to fit in. Try buying the equipment yourself so that there is no chance of cheating or forgery in that respect. By this method you can even install devices and equipment as per your taste and not settle for anything-low quality. 

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a plumber in Delhi?  

When hiring a plumber in Delhi, make sure that you go with the best service provider, be it local agency or an online service provider. You might as well try to search and research online to know about the best online service that gives you a thorough background of the service men and their background. After doing research, you can negotiate with the plumbing agency accordingly. Another way to cut down through the cost is to call for a plumber only in emergency needs, DO not call him for every small thing. Try to accumulate all services over the time and then call him for help. You can reduce the cost by making small adjustments here and there. If asking for a longer project like house construction or redoing the piping all over again, you might want to hire plumbers on a monthly basis rather than hourly basis. Also hiring them on salary can help you save a lot. 

What other professionals do I need for my home?  

Floor fitters in Delhi  

Floor fitters are required to give you the best of flooring experience. They help you lay floors according to your taste and wishes. If you are planning to have ceramic tiles in one room and marble in another, it is the job of floor fitters to make your dream come true. Floor fitters in Delhi, use best quality cement, adhesive and water proofing mixture that they can easily lay you the best flooring as per your budget. 

Electricians in Delhi  

Electricians in Delhi are trained and very well educated. They know their job well and work in close coordination with the plumbers and joiners. Electricians also are responsible for making the house operative and totally functional for you. They help you install all devices and appliances in no time and promise a secure power connection. 

Joiners in Delhi  

Joiners in Delhi are responsible for embellishing your house with strong and sturdy wooden accents. They provide storage solutions like cabinets, shelves and other holders as per the room décor and ensure that you get the best products at a competitive price. They keep Delhi’s weather in consideration to bring to you water resistant and long lasting wood.