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What do plumbers do?

A plumber provides solutions to all water and drainage related problems. As the water level is decreasing with each passing day, installation of water motors and bore wells is becoming pretty imperative. While plumbing services are required to install water motors that can suck water out of the ground, they can also set up your water purifier or Aqua guard, so that you get clean and purified drinking water every time. In the kitchen, the plumber comes in very handy. He will ensure that both fresh water line and drinking water line are working perfectly. In addition to that, a plumber will also safeguard that all the faucets and drainage pipes are working perfectly, so that you do not have to encounter a choked or blocked sink. In addition to this, a plumber is also required when the city experiences a flood or heavy rains. Especially in a place like Chennai, you should call for a plumber after every rainy season. This helps to ensure that the lines are not chocked or saturated with rainwater or sewage water. Besides these, a plumber is required to give you a spacious and classy bathroom. This involves setting up underground water piping and drainage lines. This helps to give the bathroom a modern and contemporary touch. Moreover, the plumber has to work along with the electrician and the mason to dig deep lines during the construction itself. Plumbers are also responsible for providing the best fittings, furnishings and the best sanitary ware in your bathroom. Furthermore, a plumber is required for solving your tap related issues like tapping repairs and blockages. They can easily bring in sleek equipment that will repair all issues without destroying your classy sanitary ware. He makes sure that all the pipes inside the walls are fit to handle enough pressure. Pipe bursts are a common problem in old constructions. It is mainly because the metal turns old and corrodes with time, thus losing all the strength. The plumbers can also provide you the luxurious comfort of a Jacuzzi or spa, which can be fitted either in your bathroom or terrace as per your liking. It is the responsibility of the plumber to connect all water lines and drainage lines from the chosen position. Moreover, a plumber can set up a stunning swimming pool and fountain to accentuate the look of the house. This is, however a challenging and time consuming job as it involves a lot of internal piping. In case of high-rise buildings, the plumber will help you to achieve proper shower pressure and flushing pressure in the bathroom and toilet. In addition to that, the plumbing service is also required for connecting hot water lines to electric or solar water heaters. Only a plumber can connect the main line with the heated water line for supplying hot water in the house. They can connect bathroom water lines to the solar panels on the terrace as well. Apart from these, a plumber is also needed to fix water fountains, swimming pools and spas in the garden or inside the house. For indoor fountains or conservatories you need to have inbuilt lines that do not spoil the look of your house and still give you a beautiful feature inside the house. When it comes to the implementation of a green roof, the plumber is highly desirable. This concept is very much in fashion these days due to it’s looks and functional features. Green roofs help to keep your house cool naturally. The plumber will take care of the watering and drainage facility on top of those roofs. Plumbing services are also required for installing sprinklers in the garden. How do I find a high quality plumber in Chennai? Finding the right plumber in Chennai is not a big deal as there are a lot of sources available. People in Chennai are very friendly, so they will give you a good advice on the local plumbers and plumbing agencies. If you do not have any local stores nearby, online services are the best way to move forward. You may do a proper research about the different websites and then choose the one that gives full reviews and feedbacks of the employees. You should also check the reviews of former customers. Most importantly, go for the website that claims full responsibility for the work of the employed people. Many websites have third party connections and fail to take responsibility in case of any complaint.  Go for the websites that promise full money back guarantee in case of complaints. In case you are new to the city, take help from friends and neighbours to guide you to a loyal and trustworthy plumber. You may also use the yellow pages booklet for most updated contact information.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a plumber? 

While hiring a plumber, try to look out for his previous work experience. You can even go to the local store and ask the owner about available plumbers. Book an appointment only when you are absolutely sure about the person based on his background, working habits and experience. If research online, try to refer solely to websites that seem to be real and professional. You can call their customer service desk to get to know more about the experience of their staff and whether any of them would be able to handle the scale of your job. Look out for the reviews and feedbacks given by other people. Apart from the reliability, you should also take heed of a few other competencies like listening and understanding skills. The plumber should respect the customer’s point of view and get the job done according to their taste and wishes.

How much will a plumber cost in Chennai and how can I keep the costs down ? 

The costs of the plumber depend on the work that needs to be done. If you have a small job, try to club two, three or more small jobs together to pay for just one visit of the plumber. If you have a big project, try to hire a plumber on a daily or monthly basis. This will be a cheaper option for you. The prices vary with each plumber. Therefore, you should look for the best competitive rate in your locality. You can take advice from neighbours and friends. You can even ask your building people about the current rates so that you can negotiate or bargain in the local market. While researching through the internet, try to check different websites that can help you gauge the current rate in your surrounding area. Before deciding upon any plumber, ask for an estimate first. Only hire the plumber when you are absolutely sure about the prices and the work quality.

If you show your knowledge about a few things regarding sanitary installations to the hired plumber, he might believe that you have called for another person before and thus will not try to fool you. This will also make them aware that you are well informed about the market rates. The cost of the plumber can also be kept low, if you do not call for any emergency service. Emergency plumbers are always costlier than the regular ones and might rip you off, especially during the festive season or holidays. Hence you should also avoid to call plumbers during the night or early morning hours. You can also gain control over the costs by signing a contract at the very beginning of the project. This will help you to avoid any additional costs that may come up during the realisation of the project.

What other professionals do I need for my home? 

Floor fitters in Chennai 

Floor fitters in Chennai are responsible for laying any desired kind of floor in your house. Furthermore they can help you to maintain your wooden or marble floor. They are also qualified to implement wooden decks and garden flooring for your exteriors.

Electricians in Chennai 

Electricians in Chennai provide the best electrical service that will help you to renovate and refurbish your old house for example. They are also responsible for installing new lights and domestic appliances in the house and can repair all bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Joiners in Chennai 

Joiners in Chennai enhance the overall look of the house by designing the wooden accents and storage spaces. They make it possible to carve out spaces from even sleek corners that help the owners to convert their houses into highly functional spaces.