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What do plumbers do?

Plumbers make your life easy by providing you water related solutions in and around your house. Along with water, plumbers are also responsible for solving all other bathroom, kitchen and drainage related problems. A plumber can help you solve toilet related issues in a jiffy. But a lot of attention needs to be paid to call for the right plumber only. You cannot risk your expensive sanitary ware and drainage in the hands of an inexperienced person. A plumber is required for your entire tap related issues like tapping repairs and blockages. They can easily bring in sleek equipment that will repair all issues without destroying your classy sanitary ware. In case you have built a new house, a plumber is required to set all bathrooms, kitchen and even the external drainage. If you are a luxuriously living person, a plumber also helps you set up a Jacuzzi and spa in the bathroom with appropriate bath tub and other fittings. A plumber is also imperative in garden and fountain design. For drainage, a plumber comes in handy as he takes care of all drainage pipes that run from the house to the main hole of the society. This thing is highly imperative in buildings and apartments as it may cause a lot of chocking and blockages. Plumbers are well educated to prevent blocked toilets, blocked sinks, blocked pipes and blocked drains. They have solutions for all these issues and provide a permanent way out.

A plumber is also required to set up a new bathroom. He helps in bathroom refurbishments and easy placement and installation of sanitary ware. Even in simple leak repairs, a plumber has to be called in every time. If not, the entire house can be flooded starting from the bathroom or kitchen. In case of old constructions, it might happen that the pipes might burst due to high pressure. Considering the gravity of the situation, a plumber might have to change the entire pipe or a part of the pipe.

Plumbing service is also required for fixing water heaters or geysers. This can either be connected to electricity or solar water heaters. Only a plumber knows how to connect the main line with the heated water line for supplying hot water in the house. In case of high-rise buildings, a plumber will help you achieve proper shower pressure and flushing pressure in the bathroom and toilet. They also assure that the kitchen gets both supplies of water, including fresh drinking water and utility water. A plumber is also in demand when floods or excess water supply hits the city or the house. In this case the drainage needs to be extremely appropriate, as it will keep the water flowing to the main hole. It is always advisable to seek a plumber’s help in these critical issues otherwise it may result in diseases and health related problems. Although, it is always advisable to keep a few plumbing supplies at home, you should also know how to operate it without affecting other items.

Plumbers also work along with the floor fitters to give you a waterproof and water resistant floor.  A plumber will help design and redesign your bathroom by including best fixtures and fittings. You can even have them get hot water in kitchen supply as well. It is always advisable to call the same plumber, especially the one who knows your house inside out. Hiring a new plumber every time, will raise confusions and might require extra time for explanation.

How do I find a high quality plumber? 

A high quality plumber can be easily located from a little help from here and there. Try getting in touch with local people for better understanding of the best agencies for plumbing services. Also, you might take some help from your friends, colleagues and neighbours. If opting for an online service provider, try looking for only reliable sources. A high quality plumber should have good experience and should be well trained to fix all kinds of problems. Local plumbers can be called and examined before handing them bigger projects. This might not be true for online help as they charge per visit. Try going for most reliable and high quality online providers. Money should be kept secondary while dealing with such critical issues.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a plumber? 

A plumber needs to be highly experienced and qualified. He or she should have adequate knowledge and relevant background of the piping system and drainage installations. One can easily find a lot of plumbers to choose from. But the real deal is how to select the best of them. This can be easily done by cross checking about their past experiences and years of experience. If it is through the Internet, do not forget to read about the reviews given by his previous employers or service takers. If you need further information, you might even contact the previous households to get a better understanding of the person and the kind of work he does. Try hiring a person only through a reliable medium. Going for the cheapest option might not always be fruitful. Therefore, try hiring a person who provides you the best of both worlds; quality and satisfaction at a highly competitive price. Enough research can be done using the Internet that is the most reliable source. If going for a local plumber, you might as well try to get knowledge from building management.

How much will a plumber cost? 

The plumbing costs can be varied according to the scope and nature of the job. Also, it varies from location to location. While in smaller cities plumbing can be cheap, it is highly expensive in metropolitan and developed cities. The plumber’s pay also depends on the experience and qualification of the person. If you are calling a plumber from a well-established service agency, chances are high that you will have to pay a lot. If you go for a freelance plumber, you might be charged less, but with him comes the risk. You do not know how good or bad his services are and thus cannot rely totally on that person. While constructing a new house, always go for a plumber who has a proven track record even if he or she charges high. In plumbing the problem might look small, but it may require a lot of physical effort and  manual work. For instance, if the water is not coming out of the tap, the reason might be as simple as washer blockage and it may be as complex as a pipe blockage and replacement.  It is hard to judge in a single instance, therefore try going for only a loyal source that can help you detect the problem from the core and suggest you a permanent solution only.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a plumber? 

The costs of the plumber can be judged according to the nature of work. If you are calling a plumber to install a few new appliances in your bathroom, it may not cost much, but if you have called a plumber for establishing an altogether new drainage line or water piping in the entire house, it may cost you a lot. Try to negotiate with the plumber according to the volume of the job. For a heavy duty job that might last for a few days, hire them on a daily basis rather than hourly basis. Also, smaller issues will be more expensive than bigger ones. So, unless it’s urgent, try to accommodate all issues for one day and call the plumber just once. You can also deal with the best prices by doing appropriate research about different prices all over the web. Once you locate the cheapest service provider, try to judge them on quality and efficiency. Also, try to look well informed and properly in-place in front of the plumber. This way they will not be able to cheat you on petty issues.

What other professionals do I need for my home? 


Painters are needed to decorate the house and give it a polished new look. This also helps to maintain a uniformity and serenity in the house. Painters are required both during new construction and even during the renovation of an existing property. They come in very useful when you are through with any electrical, plumbing or refurbishing work.


Electricians are imperatively required for constructing a new home. There cannot be anything done without getting the electrical lines fixed in your house. An electrician makes sure that your house gets the appropriate wiring that is present in every room properly and efficiently. He also assures that your house remains free of accidents and short circuits.


Joiners are needed to give your home a better look, which is created over and above neat walls, electrical work and plumbing. The joiner aims to add storage areas that make your house a home. He also aims to fit in different cabinets, shelves and other functional areas in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen and even in the living room to give your house a developed and finished look.