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A Dynamic444 foi fundada em 2007,contando já anteriormente com largos anos de experiência e inovação no sector da construção
The Hamilton Group
Why choose us? Started and run by two plumbers, The Hamilton Group has evolved over the last 4 years to offer plumbing,
Koster GmbH
Seit  mehr  als  35  Jahren  sind  wir  Ihr Spezialist  für  kleine  und  große  Bäder, Familienbäder, barrierefreie und
Geyser Repairs Centurion 0768620394 (No Call Out Fee)
geyser installations We offer the following: Expert and qualified personnel for the opening of drains Repairing or replacement
Humberto Carmo
964170411-Humberto. Já tenho 72a. Canalizador e muitas outras reparações, elrctricidade, calha técnica, Hoteis, empresas
Geyser Installations & Repairs Centurion 0714866959(No Call Out Fee)
geyser installations We offer the following:  Expert and qualified personnel for the opening of drainsRepairing
Hieber AG
Wir sind ein auf Badgestaltung und -modernisierung spezialisierter Handwerksbetrieb mit über 45 jähriger Erfahrung. Zudem
舜郁管業 新北市泰山區新北大道六段353號一樓 電話02-29031733 傳真02-29042819 Line 0925209605 水電材料 配管材料美亞發泡被覆不鏽鋼管 MK系列 力銓另件保溫護蓋 LCT 奕華日製雙壓接配件 BENKAN
Centurion Rooihuiskraal Plumbers 0793194633 (No Call Out Fee)
Welcome to Centurion Plumbers, a plumbing company with a track record taking pride in serving our customers with dedication
Pretoria Centurion Plumbers
Pretoria Centurion plumbers are professional plumbers in the Pretoria and Centurion regions of Gauteng, South Africa. We
Plumber Nelspruit
Plumber Nelspruit is a dedicated plumbing team in Nelspruit, South Africa who helps clients with all things related to plumbing
Plumbcom Solutions
The best professionals at your service
Azienda specializzata in impiantistica idraulica e condizionamento operante da più di 40 anni nel nord est dell'Italia.
Plombier Lyon
Notre société Plombier 69 est l’une des meilleures sociétés qui se spécialisent dans le domaine de plomberie générale à
Aquarian Projects
We specialize in all residential plumbing installations, maintenance and repairs. Bathroom and kitchen renovations. Rain
Fontaneros Zaragoza
Fontaneros Zaragoza con amplia experiencia en instalaciones y reparaciones. Calidad y experiencia garantizadas. Desplazamiento
La société Thermocom est spécialisée en plomberie et chauffage sur Lyon et Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne. On vous propose des interventions
The Somerset West Plumber Pro (Pty) Ltd
Somerset West Strand Plumbers are a plumbing company in the Helderberg, South Africa. We have served our clients for many
Kaixin Pipeline Technologies Co.,Ltd
Due to the unique properties of various engineering plastic series products under corrosion resistant medium, not only can


Plumbing in an essential part of our lives, specifically under current residential infrastructures that are part of our cities and towns. Without plumbing we will not be able to eat, cook, bathe and do all those that we can with water atop an apartment located several feet off the ground. It is only due to plumbing that water can reach homes and offices several miles away from natural water resources like rivers, lakes and ponds or draw water from several feet below the ground with the help of a borewell pump for use within the house. Plumbers are learned professionals that prepare and maintain plumbing network within the house or building to ensure that water outlets are available wherever needed and can be turned on and off without worrying about leaks or blockage. 

Why is a plumber important during house construction?

For construction and remodeling projects plumbing is as essential as brick and mortar of the building. Plumbing is an essential part of a building’s design and If poorly planned can cause perennial problem of drainage, water flow or water logging for the residents. Plumbing system carries out two essential functions comprising of bringing in clean usable and potable water into the house for drinking, cooking and cleaning purposes and taking out used water out of the house into the drainage system. 

When the plumbing is designed keeping in mind that it has to remain indestructible for several years and is made up of good quality pipes that are maintained well then the house owner is not likely to face any problem. Plumber designs three essential systems of the house namely the inlets for potable water, outlets for sanitary drainage and storm water drainage to take out rain water out of the building. Water inlet and outlet pipes are placed within the walls of the bathroom and kitchen or below their floors to allow easy drainage and avoid water logging. 

While leaking taps or dripping valves can be repaired by house-owners themselves repairing leaks in internal pipes or clogged drains should best be left to a professional plumber. With their wealth of experience, knowledge and essential equipment they can repair the problem without further damage. Without a plumber we would not be able to enjoy the gadgets of modern technology like shower cabinet, Jacuzzi, hot and cold water by just turning on the right taps. Just imagine without plumbing we would have to carry water for every task from the nearest water source to our homes how troublesome that life would be? 

How to find a good plumber in India ?

Plumbers in India till recently were freelancers that had little formal knowledge and would have learnt their trade as an apprentice of an experienced plumber. But now plumbers come with a formal technical degree and are knowledgeable about different grades of pipes, fittings and bathroom accessories and can design an error free plumbing network. In today’s connected society where information is available at the click of a button finding a plumber is not a very tough task as most of them have their own websites or have posted their contact details in online information directories. 

  1. Get reference of friends/neighbors – People that you know could be your best source to finding a reliable plumber. As his reliability and capabilities have already been verified all you need to do is check for willingness to do your project. Try to share as many details as possible on the phone and then call the individual home to get an estimate about likely cost and time required to complete it. 
  2. Service agencies – Most large and mid-level cities in India today have service providers that keep handymen to provide essential services like electricians, painters, plumbers, house cleaners, carpenters and even pest control professionals. These people work either as direct employees or freelancers with the agency and their background is verified so they can be hired without worry about lack of experience or character. But before granting the work to a plumber hired through service agency get details about his name, address and contact number and draw up a proper service agreement. 
  3. References of local hardware stores – As plumbers source all their equipment from hardware stores it is easy to get contact details of local plumbers from them. But you would have to do due diligence about checking their rightful identity, references and background. As tracing the antecedents of such plumbers with temporary addresses is tough make a detailed check of the plumber’s references before hiring him for any task.  

Cost of hiring a plumber for different tasks

Plumbing system within the house is vast with network of pipes connected to each other to bring in water and take out used water through the drain. Plumber can advise you about using right quality material for water pipes in the house for various needs along with accessories and essential electric equipment like water heater, shower system, washing machine, water filter and other accessories. 

Cost of setting up concealed PVC plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen area is the maximum that you would have to pay for plumbing when designing your house. Though it would largely depend on size and number of outlets for water in both areas labor charges are more or less standard across the country at Rs. 14000- 15000 while cost of materials could range around Rs. 29000-30000. For expensive brass or GI pipe system the cost would go up considerably by a few thousands. 

For setting up electrical equipment like water heater, shower system, washing machine, water filter etc. they have a basic service charge of Rs. 250-300 if spares are provided by house-owner. To replace cracked pipes the services charges would include cost of breaking down the wall to replace concealed pipe and repairing the wall again. 

A plumber is there to help you sort out watery issues that cannot be ignored so treat him with dignity and be honest about the issues you are facing else he will never be able to help. 

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