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Painters in Kolkata

Do the interior of your house look dull or are the crayon and pencil artwork of your children that once looked cute, beginning to irritate you? Nothing lifts the mood of an old house like a fresh coat of paint as it is the simplest means of refurbishing the house. But painting can seem like a daunting task if you are planning to give a fresh lease of life to both interiors and exteriors of the house. Tasks like finding the right Kolkata painter, selecting the ideal paint shade for walls and roof and calculating the cost of painting can get a little daunting if you are getting it done for the first time. 

Essentials of house painting

While it is logical to stick to budget while planning the painting project be prepared to keep some funds aside for cost overruns that can happen if you some regions need extra coat of paint due to previous damage or uneven surfaces. There are two broad categories of paints used for housed namely water based and oil based. The former offers flawless finish and does not have any shine so it is best for covering up marks and stains on walls. Though they are easy to clean with water and soap they are not very durable so at-least a couple of coats are required for the paint to look fresh. 

Oil based paints are considered superior when compared to water based paint and add a glowing sheen but they take a long time to dry up. Cleaning them is not easy and they also become yellowed with age but they have a more durable finish when compared to water paints hence are more expensive. If you are planning to paint both the exteriors and interiors of your house then first get the old paint removed thoroughly along with mold that could be sticking to the walls. While hiring professional Kolkata painters ask them to clean the walls thoroughly with sandpaper and remove all imperfections like cracks and holes by filling them up with wall putty to have perfectly smooth walls before the primer is applied. It is always advisable to keep inspecting the progress of painting work to ensure that work is as per your satisfaction and done on time. 

Tip to prepare a rough estimate of painting cost   

  1. First find out the carpet area of your house and multiply it by four eg. if carpet of your house is 1200 sqft then multiply it by 4 that will be around 4800 sqft which has to be painted. Now painters in Kolkata charge around Rs. 20 – Rs. 25 so the cost could be around Rs. 96000 which is actually on the higher side. Regions like doors, windows, balconies and terraces have been kept out of this estimate. 
  2. Textured painting with metallic finish and stencils cost slightly higher and can range between Rs. 40 to 70 per square foot. 
  3. When you get the actual estimate from painter in Kolkata ensure that it has details of paint brand that is being used along with quantity and number of coats that will be required for the finish you require. 
  4. When walls are being repainted the overall cost is less as you will need just one coat of primer followed by 2 coats of final paint. But fresh walls require prepping up with two coats of putty followed by two coats of primer to make the walls absolutely smooth before applying two coats of premium emulsion or synthetic paint you want as final coat. 

Pros and Cons of paint the house yourself Vs getting it done by professionals

It is common to carry out detailed research before getting a painting job done to ensure that the project is within budget and the finish is to your satisfaction. The painting adverts with celebrities   make the process look so easy with just a few swipes here and there and viola you have a sparkling new wall. But painting a room or an entire house is not an easy task and here are some pros and cons of both that will help you make your mind. 

  1. You can work at an easy or fast pace depending on personal comfort level and revel in the satisfaction of a good day’s work when the walls look smart. 
  2. You are likely to save plenty of money too as all you need to buy is paint and tools to complete the job of cleaning the walls and applying the paint. 
  3. There are chances that the work will not look like that of a professional as you may not be aware of prepping essentials and wall surfaces could have bumps or differentials in shades. 
  4. A professional can get work done in a short period of time and they know all about prepping walls before painting and also details of best products that can ensure long lasting paint job.   

Understanding the color wheel for a perfectly painted house

Unless you are planning to use the same colors that are on your existing walls, understanding the color wheel is necessary to have walls that complement each other and look harmoniously beautiful. Though colors on opposite sides to each other on the wheel are most complementary to each other and can create a vibrant look be careful to pair dominant tones with subtle ones so that the result is not jarring. You can also try monochromatic patterns where different shades of a single color are used in one room like bright yellow window trims with pale yellow walls. 

How to hire a reliable painter in Kolkata

Most paint brands in India have their own certified professional painters that can inspect the house and suggest the right kind of paint suitable to the walls of your house and also give the best estimate under circumstances for labor and paint. They will also tell you the likely number of days it will take to complete the project. You can also search for reliable painters in your locality by doing a quick survey on Homify to check out the details of projects that have been carried out by each painter listed there. 

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