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Painters in Jaipur

The colorful and charming pink city of Jaipur speaks volumes about its citizens’ love for bright colors. Though it is called pink city it has magnificent palaces and forts standing cheek by jowl with modern homes all are resplendent in beautiful hues of blue, pink, white and rusty orange. The wonderful combination of varied hues that complement each other makes residents think in depth about colors and shades while planning a house painting project. Usually light tones are used for both exterior and interior walls keeping in mind the sweltering summers but people do love experimenting with dark colors and wall embellishments keeping in mind their penchant for grandeur and elegance.  

Painting the entire house or just the exteriors and a few rooms? It is possible to possible to do the activity yourself or hire a Jaipur painter to do the job. Exterior repaint jobs should be done during summers when there is limited chance of rain for at least a week. Preparation in an important part of painting and every surface has to be cleaned thoroughly of the old paint so during this period ensure that furniture and other exposed objects around the house are protected from dust and debris. Selecting appropriate colors that will complement your furniture and furnishings will enhance the joy of showing off the house once the painting is done. 

How to select ideal combination for painting

All manufacturers offer a wide variety of quality within their interior and exterior paint product lines that have varied price ranges and warranties. Though anyone would expect expensive paint to last a long time the warranty of a paint job depends on the way it has been done and a professional painter in Jaipur can do the perfect job for you within a short time frame. Colors can change mood and feel of a home’s interiors so choose carefully to create the atmosphere you want to have in the region. 

Accent walls are the trend now in living rooms and bedrooms so you can give a neutral tone to three walls and leave one for highlighting it with bold shades or stencils. Remember to never us more than four tones in your house as too many colors can make the interiors look cramped. Also avoid painting small rooms in dark shades as it will make the region look cramped. If some parts of the interior rooms do not get natural light then try to select monochromatic color scheme with mix of light and dark tones of the same shade. 

Do not select dark shades for large spaces if you like them instead use them for highlighting regions like trims, ceilings or a wall so that the region captures attention. Ideally use two colors for kitchen and keep it limited to neutral tones as working within dark tones can get dull. Select the paint depending on the finish you want on the walls whether it is glossy or matte or a mix of both. While matte paint gives a simple and natural look the matte enamel is more durable than matte paint bur remember that door or window attached to the room also should have a similar finish to ensure that it does not look shabby. 

Ideal colors for each room

The living room an area where all members spend a majority of their time so it should have light tones with maybe a single highlighted wall that can be used for television or an attractive painting to capture viewers’ gaze. 

Dining room can have bright tones to set the perfect mood for animated conversations that family members have during meals either in the morning or during dinner. While red and orange stimulate conversation and enthusiasm, pale green or blue make one feel soothed and relaxed. 

Light colors in the kitchen makes it look cheerful while adding colorful trims brightens up the space and energizes mood while working together to cook meals or alone to dish up some light meal. 

The bedroom is for peace and harmony so blue which has anti-stress attributes is well suited for this room. Blue is ideal for relaxation and fosters deep sleep as its fluid nature has the power to transform intimate spaces into a sanctuary. Pale blue can be the ideal choice for study rooms, puja areas and even bathroom as it has the ability to enlarge and enhance small spaces. 

How to choose the right painter for enhancing the house?

To have a house that looks flawless from inside and outside it is best to choose the right professional Jaipur painter to carry out the task. Here are three broad categories of painters that you can find through references, local paint shop owners and even online platforms like Homify that can show samples of their past projects. 

  1. Painting services by branded paint manufacturers – Most branded paint companies like Berger, Asian Paints, Nerolac etc provide painting services through contractors that have been certified by them. The services of these contractors can be availed of by visiting their website and calling their contact center in Jaipur. 
  2. Professional painting contractors – These are not affiliated to any paint brand so can give you a wider choice with regard to paint type, colors and price options. They follow similar procedure of carrying out free site visit and project quotation. As their teams are well trained the work is done within the stipulated time and they carry out inspections after work is done to ensure complete satisfaction and address grievances. 
  3. Freelance painting contractors – They are generally the cheapest option for carrying out painting jobs and can be found through recommendation of friends or local paint stores. But there are chances that the work will not be as professional as they rarely bother about cleanliness and their only focus is on completing the job as early as possible. So you may have to do a fair amount of inspection and supervision to ensure that work is as per your expectations. 

Repainting process is always less expensive than a fresh painting project as no expenditure is required for preparing base and wall imperfections can be corrected by application of primer and one to two coats of new paint. While selecting colors keep in mind that paint appears different across the day and during seasons as it reflects sunlight so ideally apply a small swath of color to the wall/s you want to paint and stay with it for a few days before you make the change.  

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