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Painters in Hyderabad 

Hyderabad may have been the preferred capital of kings in the past but now it a treasured capital which is blessed with growing IT industry which exports software products and services across the world and is home to some of the biggest IT firms in the country. Due to its strategic location, unique landscape, cosmopolitan culture and easy connectivity the city is popular among migrants. It is easy to find skilled and experienced handymen like painters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, carpenters and others with a long portfolio of verifiable work and also freelancers that can do the work for half the cost of professionals. Whether you are a newcomer to the city looking for ways to make your temporary lodgings livable or an old time resident seeking to refurbish your old bungalow, finding a painter in Hyderabad is not an insurmountable task.  

Tips to prepare a rough estimate of painting cost   

  1. Calculate the carpet area of your house and then multiply it by four eg. if carpet of your house is 1200 sqft then multiply it by 4 that will be around 4800 sqft which has to be painted. Now painters in Hyderabad charge different rates based on paint quality and for new house rates will be between Rs. 20 – Rs. 25 per sqft so the cost could be around Rs. 96000 for the entire house. Surfaces like doors, windows and balcony grills have been kept out of this estimate. 
  2. Textured painting with metallic finish and stencils cost slightly higher and can range between Rs. 40 to 70 per square foot. 
  3. Ask the Hyderabad painter to give estimate of with details of paint brand that is being used along with number of coats that will be required for the finish you require. 
  4. When walls are being repainted the overall labor cost is less as you will need just one coat of primer followed by 2 coats of final paint. But fresh walls require prepping up with two coats of putty followed by two coats of primer to make the walls absolutely smooth before applying two coats of premium emulsion or synthetic paint you want.  
  5. If you want to give special effects/patterns with textured paint to walls in living room or bedroom there are several options available and labor cost of applying them can range between Rs. 65 to nearly Rs.90 / per sqft. 
  6. If the window panes are entirely of glass then just calculate the trim and calculate the size of the door and its baseboard trim. Usually half a liter of paint is enough to cover a door and one window trim so depending on the number of doors and windows you can make an estimate of paint required. Labor cost is between Rs. 30 – 40 per hour. 

Estimating cost for exteriors of your villa in Hyderabad

Planning to repaint the exterior of your house? Interior decorators state that combination of two to three colors make the façade stand out without expensive finishes or elaborate landscaping. For the siding or exterior walls use a dominant shade and complementary light colors for the side trims like verandah frame, outline of doors and windows and roof. Choose the right combination with the help of help of websites that offer mockups of homes or take the suggestion of your painter or just walk along the neighborhood for ideas. Hyderabad is relatively warm throughout the year so choose light exterior colors that will make your home look expensive and also reflect heat. Some light color combinations like white- aquamarine blue – grey or buttercup yellow – white – chocolate and Mediterranean blue – vanilla yellow – grey.  For longevity use water proof or latex paints for exteriors as they can bear the summer heat and rain showers. Labor chargers for repainting house exteriors in Hyderabad are around Rs. 11 – Rs. 17 an hour based on paint quality.  

How to find a reliable painter in Hyderabad

Most paint brands in India have their own certified professional painters that can inspect the house and suggest the right kind of paint suitable to the walls of your house and also give the best estimate under circumstances for labor and paint. They will also tell you the likely number of days it will take to complete the project. 

Browse online for painting contractors as many of them have their own website with details of projects done in the past and also rough estimates of residential painting projects. Ask around two or three of them to visit your premises and give their estimates based on expectations of special patterns, paint finish and appearance. If it is a repainting job and there are signs of mildew or moss ask him how such problems can be addressed. 

Online directories also have details about freelance painters that do residential projects so you can call them for estimates. Detailed estimates will give clarity about cost, duration and quality of paint job but do not hire blindly based on low cost estimate as it could lead to bad quality/shoddy work. Ask for references and check the quality of previous work before hiring and never start work without a proper agreement. 

You can also search for reliable painters in your locality by doing a quick survey on Homify to check out the details of projects that have been carried out by each painter listed there. There are several gorgeous apartments in Hyderabad that have been given stylish touches by painters to make them look special that one can review before hiring any Hyderabad painter.  

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