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Painters in Delhi 

Every homeowner has a preference regarding the type of paint or finishes for their house. Additionally, they listen to the advice of architects and interior designers before choosing a colour or finish for each room. Before getting an estimate from painters, one should decide on the kind of paint to be used as the cost of the project will vary depending on the material used as well as the complexity of the task. For instance, a home painting project that has textured walls or murals will require specialists, thereby costing more. For simple paint jobs, painters in Delhi will charge between Rs.12 to Rs.25 per square feet. They will inspect the area to be painted before they provide a detailed estimate for the project.

Why should I hire painters in Delhi instead of undertaking a DIY paint project?

Even the most adept DIY homeowner won’t have the expertise that a professional painter does. Hence, the finishes won’t be as high-quality as if an expert does it. While dipping a roller in paint and applying it on the walls may seem like a simple task, it can take a considerable amount of time to paint the entire house. Moreover, the quality of the finishes won’t be as good as if a professional painted it. Among the benefits of hiring professional painters are:

  • The process of painting involves several steps such as scraping down the existing surface to smoothen it, applying putty to level uneven surfaces or to fill up cracks in the wall, coating the wall with primer, and finally, painting the top layer. If the homeowner decides to undertake the job on his own, it will take several months to complete painting the entire house as he would be able to do it only in his free time over the weekends. By hiring a team of painters, the job would be completed in less than a week.
  • Doubtless, the high-quality finishes that a professional provides cannot be achieved by a homeowner undertaking a DIY painting project.
  • There’s also the safety aspect to consider. The task of painting requires physical strength to use the roller or brush for several hours at a stretch. Additionally, since ladder and stools need to be used to access high surfaces such as ceilings, there’s the risk of accidents that can cause injuries. Since painters undertake these tasks every day, they are used to it and can work throughout the day, and contractors usually ensure that the workers follow safety procedures to remain uninjured.
  • Painters have an in-depth knowledge of the types of materials available, the pros and cons of each paint or finish and the various processes that can achieve specific finishes. By hiring painters in Delhi, one gets access to this wealth of information.

What are the various responsibilities of a painter or painting contractor?

A painting project involves more than coating the walls. A true professional will ensure that the team leaves the house spic and span, without damaging the property. In general, you can expect painters to undertake the following tasks:

  • Survey the house to measure the area to be painted so that he can prepare the estimate.
  • Suggest the kind of paint that is most suitable for the desired finish, the homeowner’s lifestyle as well as the budget.
  • Before commencing the job, cover the floors, furniture and light fixtures in each room to protect them against paint splashes or spills, besides keeping them free from the dust caused by sanding the walls.
  • Follow a systematic approach to the task at hand, including levelling the surface, filling up cracks and imperfections, applying a coat of primer and then, painting the final coat.
  • Clean up the area once the paint is dry, including taking off the protective covering from the surfaces, touching up any scratches caused during moving the furniture or ladders, and removing paint stains, if any.

What should you look for before hiring painters in Delhi?

In India, painters don’t need to complete vocation training courses or get certifications to offer services. Most of them learn their skills on the job by working with an experienced painter or contractor. However, it’s advisable that you follow a process to verify their credentials and work quality before hiring a professional. We recommend following these steps.

  • Inquire among your friends and family for references of professionals who have painted their homes as it would guarantee a reliable person or team. However, don’t go by another person’s word alone. Be sure to undertake an enquiry on your own.
  • Once you get the contact details of the painter, ask to see photographs of recently completed projects to get an idea of their finishes.
  • Set up a meeting with the contractor, where you can discuss your expectations and budget. Use the opportunity to ask questions regarding his work processes, recommendations for the type of paint to use and any other aspect on which you have doubts.
  • Check whether he has insurance to cover his labour for any accidents that might occur during a project.
  • Get an estimate from the professional and approve it, before allowing him to begin painting the house.

How to find reliable painters online?

While a simple search can provide a list of painting contractors in Delhi, you should follow the steps mentioned above before deciding whom to hire. Our Delhi painters’ directory on homify has verified listings of painters and contractors, including images of projects they have undertaken. After browsing through the various profiles, you can fill up and submit the contact form to get free quotes from the professional that you shortlist.

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