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Landscape Architects In Patna

A real estate property mostly has two parts. The first part is house indoor and the second part is the outdoor. We often see that independent houses or villas and hotels come with small garden area. Instead of creating a traditional garden, it is always better to go for the landscaping, which looks smart and contemporary. Patna is a major city in state of Bihar, India. The city is known for its tremendous growth over the last few years. A lot of hotels are coming up as tourism sector is flourishing. So, landscaping has become a common demand for such hotel owners. House or villa owners of the city also need landscape architects in Patna to beatify their houses.

What are the most common landscape designs?

In landscape architecture, creativity has been regarded as an important aspect. There is no end of creativity in designing a landscape. However, professional landscape architects in Patna follow a few basic designs. Innovation or creativity can be applied on these basic designs to make the final landscape to appear unique. The basics designs for landscaping are discussed in the following section.

English garden

Shrubs and perennials are mainly used for this type of landscape design. This style is suitable to the traditionally designed houses, where vintage charm prevails. In Patna, this type of design is popular among the small villa owners. It is a budget-friendly design too.

Oriental landscapes

If outdoor space is quite large, oriental landscaping is suitable. This type of landscape architecture includes rocks and waters. In Patna, weather is humid as well as hot. Not all trees can survive easily. Thus, evergreen trees are used.

Woodland design

Large resorts opt for such design, as it adds amusements for the guests. The wooden style uses natural fauna that grows habitually in an area.

Formal landscape

Precise geometric patterns and symmetrical design is followed in case of the formal landscape design. In contemporary house outdoor, this design is quite suitable. Real estate industry in Patna is growing and housing complexes are getting built. In housing complex projects, formal landscape can commonly be viewed.

Informal landscape

As the name suggests, this is opposite to the formal landscape design. Nothing will be in symmetry, though the landscape would appear amazingly soothing for eyes.

Organic gardens

Farm houses, located just outskirt of the city, can choose organic garden landscape design. The garden will be prepared to grow organic fruits and vegetables. For developing such gardens, you need to consult experienced and professional landscape architects in Patna.

Common questions regarding landscaping in Patna

There are some common things that you need to take into consideration when you have decided to design a landscape at your outdoor space. This is why we need to ask common questions to ourselves before investing money into landscape designing. 

What is the weather condition of your area?

In Patna, weather condition remains sunny, hot and humid throughout most of the months of the year. The city also receives good amount of rainfall from June to September. Using evergreen trees is mostly suitable for landscape design in this city.

What type of activities you want at garden area?

The landscape design should be done on the basis of your desired activities. If you want birds to come, fountains are needed to be added. If you want to sit at the garden area, there must be gazebo. Playing instruments for kids can also be found at various outdoor landscapes, especially in resorts or hotels.

Do you need low maintenance landscaping?

When it comes to landscaping, you need to spend a good amount of time as well as money in landscape garden maintenance. Low maintenance landscape design is ideal for those, who get little time to look after garden maintenance. Also, it will save your money.

Reasons to opt for landscape designing

Landscaping is a part of beautification of a property. When property outlook looks well organized and beautiful, property value increases significantly. Resorts or hotels or other commercial places need landscaping to give peaceful sitting areas to guests to enjoy. Landscaping is an eco-friendly thing. It can reduce pollution level and also rejuvenate eco-system of a locality. For landscaping solution, you need to find landscape architects in Patna

Expenses for landscaping in Patna

The cost of landscape design depends on many factors. Mainly size of the garden is regarded as the most important factor. Generally, estimate for expenses for landscaping starts from 1 lac in Patna.

Fee of the professional landscape architects in Patna

In Patna, professional landscape architects are in demand of late due to emergence of various residential projects. There is no fixed fee of the architects, as different service providers charge their fees differently. Typically, the fee of the landscape architects in Patna is 15-20% of the total project value.

Find professional landscape architects in Patna

If you are seeking professional landscape architects in Patna, homify is the place for you. We have city based listing of the landscape architects. You can easily get in touch with an experienced and skilled landscape architect in your city through the website of homify. It is to be remembered that choosing the best landscape architect is the primary step to design a beautiful outdoor garden for your property in Patna.