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Arquitectura Vegetal es una empresa cuya actividad principal es la Jardinería y el diseño de jardines exclusivos así como

Landscape Architects in Kolkata

We have all heard of architects, but do you know that there is a profession that goes by the name landscape architects? You must have since you landed on this page and very possibly could be searching for one for your next project. For many, landscape architecture is still a very new concept. Many are of the idea that designing and construction is limited to just getting a home or a building built. But, a house or building also includes the open space around it which is your front yard and backyard. It is not a wise decision to hand it over to a regular caretaker. You will know the difference and the importance of hiring a professional to design the landscape of your property once you read this article.

So what do landscape architects do?

Landscape architecture is not a new concept. People have been practicing it for centuries. Human beings have been making use of the surrounding land of their property or habitat for both aesthetic and practical reasons. They often made use of plants, construction of structures and made changes to existing terrain to beautify and organize it.

In today's time, such a practice has taken the shape of a professional who has been trained and experienced in performing the job. Landscape architects are responsible for creating natural and built environments that are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical, in both urban and rural areas. Landscape architects and designers advise on, plan, design and oversee the creation, regeneration, and development of external land areas such as gardens and recreational areas, as well as residential, industrial and commercial sites. 

Landscaping in Kolkata

Is landscaping a norm in Kolkata? Kolkata real estate, whether it be residential, commercial or private homes or villas have seen tremendous growth over the years. In a scenario like this, designing and planning an entire plot of land have become vital. Demand for landscaping architects has seen simultaneous growth. 

Hiring a landscaping professional is just the right solution for taking the planning and designing of your property to the next level. homify is such a platform where it meets all your needs for finding that person to put things in place. Our listed professionals are trained and adept with the ongoing landscaping ideas and designs as well as some of the most classic styles that people have loved since generations.

A little know-how on landscaping your front yard

1. Often when designing your garden, you can ask your landscape architect to include something that has a curve. Maybe a curved flower bed, a plant bed or even a walkway. Such curves entice the human eye making it an inviting space.

2. There is a Japanese design technique known as miegakure or 'hide and reveal.' It is often used while designing landscapes. It involves partially hiding a view or specific features in your front yard to create an illusion of distance. It creates a temptation and an interest to unravel the unknown. For instance, you can have leafy plants in strategic spots led by a set of steps in front of the view. Landspace architects also use shadows to darken an area which makes it appear to recede in the distance. Here is some insight into garden ideas for the corner of your home.

3. There is a technique known as pooling and channeling, where you create small walks for people to move faster and create larger open spaces where people can slow down or pause just like water flows. Plan out areas where you want people to stop and enjoy the view. You can also place chairs in those spaces inviting them to stay longer.

4. The Japanese use a design technique called 'borrowed scenery' to make small outdoor spaces more interesting. You can borrow a view of a distant building, mountain or your neighbor's attractive looking tree. To bring in such details, you can keep a fence lower or a hedge trimmed to a desired height so you can see over them. You can even cut the branches of a tree in your compound to reveal something beyond it.

5. Long, straight views create a new design for your outdoor space. Make use of the lengthiest straight line in your outdoor area which helps bring in direction and attention to the accompanying features like a long walkway surrounded by a garden leading to a gate.

These are just a few tips and tricks to add appeal to your landscaping design with the help of a professional. There are so many ways you can get going with your upcoming landscaping project. Apart from getting you the right professionals, Homify also has exciting blogs and articles, like in landscaping designs that can help you make your outdoor space alluring. 

How much would it cost to hire a Landscape Architect in Kolkata?

The cost of hiring a landscape architect in Kolkata is usually determined if the project is long term or short, area, the extent of details, site visits, 3D presentations and it depends a whole lot on the client. However, a landscape professional does not charge on per square foot basis. They usually charge 2.5% to 5% of the overall project cost in Kolkata. Another ballpark figure is approx — 1 lakh per acre. 

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