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Landscape architects in Hyderabad

In any city, it pays to use local professionals as they have the knowledge and contacts of the best places to source materials as well as the most reliable contractors to hire for a project. By using the services of landscape architects in Hyderabad, whether it’s for remodelling an existing garden, terrace, patio or balcony for a home in the city, homeowners get several advantages:

  • A landscape architect from the city can give the best advice on the plants and vegetation best suited for Hyderabad’s climate, which has scorching summers. Since he would have set up several home gardens in the city, he will have the first-hand experience on what works.
  • A Hyderabad-based landscape professional will know all the nurseries and garden stores in the city, thereby providing you with the best options when it comes to choosing items for your project.
  • With his experience in the field, he would have built an excellent rapport with contractors as well as store owners, due to which he can get the best deals and reasonable rates for all materials, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project.

How is a landscape architect different from a landscape designer?

While the two terms are often interchanged, the primary difference between the two types of professionals is that one is a trained architect and the other is not. A landscape architect studies architecture in college or university and has a Bachelors’ Degree in the subject. Additionally, he would have specialised in landscape architecture at the postgraduate level, besides gaining work experience in the field. 

A landscape designer, on the other hand, performs aesthetic upgrades to the balcony or garden by planning the layout and beautifying the area with plants, furniture and décor accessories. The scope of work of landscape architects extends to the structural design, ecological aspects as well as aesthetic design.

To know which type of professional is better suited for your project or budget, review the extent of work the project requires. If it needs structural inputs such as designing a roof over the patio, then it’s advisable to hire a landscape architect. In case of just an aesthetic makeover, a designer can undertake the task.

How will landscape architects in Hyderabad put together a stunning design for the garden?

A beautiful garden is a composition of several factors, which come together to create a perfect space. In general, landscape architects try to use a combination of these elements to ensure that the project is attractive and multi-dimensional.

  • Colour: Gardens have a predominance of green, whether it’s the grass on the lawn or the leaves of plants and trees. While there may be various shades of green, it’s always nice to have a pop of contrast with pastel or bright shades, either from flowers or leaves. A landscape designer will choose foliage and blooms that present a lovely contrast to break the monotony of green.
  • Texture: From the velvety smoothness of moss to the thorny stems of cacti or rose bushes, introducing varied textures in the garden is another technique to add interest to the area. Landscape architects use texture as an ally to provide relief. It could be anything from a rough stone cladding on one of the walls to plants with spindly leaves.
  • Shape: By using different plants with varied leaf shapes (round, triangular, needle-like) or sculptural features such as trimmed hedges or statues, the garden design will draw the eyes from one element to another, thereby banishing any dullness from the area.
  • Line: Like any other room or area in the house, a garden needs a focal point, and lines help to draw attention towards it. A winding pathway flanked by hedges might lead to a gorgeous fountain or a cosy seating area in the garden. Lines needn’t be straight. Designers often use zigzag, vertical, horizontal or curved ones to put the focus on the main feature in the garden.

How do you decide on the right landscape architect for your project?

The process of choosing the landscape professional best suited for your project is the same as that of selecting an architect or interior designer for building or renovating your home. Firstly, the landscape architect should be professionally qualified in architecture with a specialisation in landscape design. Secondly, he should have enough experience in the field and should be able to present a portfolio of projects completed by him. If possible, we recommend visiting one of the sites designed by the professional to get an idea of his design style and quality of finishes. Alternatively, you can ask to see photographs of the projects to see whether the design and quality of work meet your expectations. 

Another significant factor to consider is the scope of the project and the budget. A landscape designer will usually charge less than an architect since he cannot undertake technical aspects such as structural modifications. Therefore, he might be more suitable for a small makeover with a limited budget. If the project requires structural changes, it’s best to hire a landscape architect to ensure that there are no flaws in the design. Else, a roof or wall may collapse in the future, requiring additional money to be spent on repairing or correcting the mistake.

What is the range of fees that landscape architects in Hyderabad charge for projects?

The fees that landscape professionals charge can vary depending on the method they use to compute their charges. The most common practice is the percentage of cost, wherein the architect may charge between 10% to 20% of the project cost as his fees. For example, for a project that costs Rs. 500,000, the professional’s fee can work out between Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000.

Another method is the cost per square foot, which is usually applied for projects that require a high level of customisation. The fee can vary from Rs.40 per square feet to Rs.400 per square feet. Sometimes, a designer may choose to charge a flat fee, especially when the homeowner requests for the 2D or 3D design, which he then hires a contractor to execute. 

How to find landscape architects in Hyderabad online?

On the homify platform, our Hyderabad landscape architect directory contains listings of professionals who specialise in garden design. Once you browse through the profiles and images, you can fill the online contact form on the portal to get started with receiving free quotes from landscape professionals in the city.

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