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Landscape architects in Delhi

Why should you hire landscape architects in Delhi for designing your garden?

The garden or outdoor area of a home can significantly enhance its beauty, which is why landscape design should be a significant part of house design. Whether it's a large garden attached to a farmhouse in the outskirts of Delhi or a small balcony or terrace garden in a high-rise apartment, using the services of landscape architects in Delhi can help to create a space that's soothing and stunning. The advantage of using a local landscaping architect is that he is familiar with the natural conditions in the city such as the extreme temperatures during summer and winter. Therefore, when choosing the plants for the garden, he will select a mix to ensure that the area looks lush throughout the year.

What elements contribute to perfectly-executed landscape design?

Just as the interior design of a house uses elements such as colour, texture, lighting and décor accessories to create a visual impact, landscape architects use the following details when composing the design of the outdoor area:

Line: The purpose of lines in landscape design is to accentuate a feature, highlight a focal point or to dictate movement within the space. For example, a meandering path might lead towards a pond or a gazebo in the entrance garden or terrace. The designer may choose to use straight, curved, horizontal or vertical lines in the design. 

Form: By choosing plants that represent different forms, the garden design becomes more interesting besides creating the desired visual impact. A row of tall and thin trees can help to take away from a narrow space by drawing the eyes upwards. Similarly, a rounded shrub or bush can fill up a large terrace to make it appear cosy.

Colour: The impact that colour has on design is indisputable. Landscape architects and designers play with tones to set a mood in the garden to make it relaxing or vibrant, based on the homeowner's preference. In a balcony, adding a few colourful flowering plants can brighten up the area and present a refreshing contrast to the shades of green in the plants.

Texture: The use of just one type of foliage makes the outdoor area look one-dimensional. Instead, choosing plants and foliage of varied textures and shapes can add interest to the design. A plant with heart-shaped leaves can provide relief in a vertical green wall that has ferns.

What is the approximate cost of hiring landscape architects in Delhi?

Landscape professionals use several ways to compute their fees, depending on the scope of the project and the complexity of the design. Other factors, including the reputation of the landscape architect or firm also influence the fee structure. Usually, a landscape professional charges a percentage of the project cost as his fee. It could be anything from 10% to 20%.

In some cases, especially when the project requires significant customisation, the professional may charge on a per-square-feet basis, varying from Rs.40 per sq. ft to Rs.500 per sq. ft. For a large project such as landscaping of a farmhouse garden, the landscape architect may charge a flat fee.

Do landscape designers and landscape architects offer the same services?

Although many people use the two terms interchangeably, there is a difference in the type of services that the two types of professionals offer. A landscape architect trains in architecture, following which he specialises in landscape architecture and design at the postgraduate level. The role of an architect in landscaping is to offer a holistic design that covers technical, artistic and ecological aspects. A notable difference is that he can undertake structural design, which a landscape designer is not qualified to do.

A landscape designer focuses on just the aesthetics of the area. Therefore, for a garden that doesn't require complex structural work such as erecting pergolas or roofs, one can well use a designer as his fees will be lower than that of an architect.

How can one identify the right landscape architect for a project?

Firstly, depending on the nature of the project, it's essential to verify whether the professional can undertake all aspects of the work. The best way to check this is by asking for their educational qualification and professional certification. For instance, for a project that requires structural expertise, it's advisable to ensure that the professional is a trained architect. 

Besides this, one should be confident that the landscape architect has enough work experience. By inquiring about the number of completed projects and viewing images of their executed designs, one can assess the quality of the professional's work.

What are the benefits of hiring landscape architects from Delhi?

The advantage of working with a landscaper from the same city is that he will have an excellent network of contacts in the field, whether it's a specialist to set up drip irrigation for a garden with automatic watering or an artist who does outdoor murals. Additionally, the cost of sourcing materials can be kept as low as possible since the landscape architect can negotiate with his contacts to get the best prices for materials.

How to find a reliable landscape architect online?

On homify, we have a list of verified professionals listed in our Delhi landscape architect directory. One can look at the professional's profile and view the photographs of projects they have completed to get an idea of the work quality and aesthetics of their design. After this, by submitting the online form, one can get free quotes from the selected architects.