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Landscape Architects in Ahmedabad

The modernisation and ever expanding concrete structures has changed the face of Ahmedabad's landscape and robbed the city of its beautiful green cover and invigorating area. However, the awareness about environment has brought the landscape architecture on high demand. Slowly the city is on its way to retrieve its beauty and natural landscape. Sabarmati Riverfront, lush green educational campuses, landscaping around Kankaria and Vastrapur lakes and modern buildings and societies has imbibed the artistic and scientific principles of modern landscape architecture in it designs and planning. Government and people of Ahmedabad are working together to change the face of city landscape.

What is the role of landscape architects?

Landscape architects play a prominent role in planning, designing and constructing every man-made structure. Through their professional skills, they work to retain, conserve and revitalize the natural landscape to create a garden which connects the concrete structure with the environment to make its exterior beautiful and welcoming. Their work is not limited to the embellishment of the space. They work to develop and create an environment friendly space. They contribute immensely towards creating a better atmosphere for the people by managing and maintaining the outdoor environments, providing space for outdoor activities and connecting the outside with the inside of the home. We can say that they work to create a balance between the man and man-made structures.     

What are the benefits of hiring landscape architect in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has a very hot and dry climate with sun shining bright for most part of the year. It has a few days of monsoon and winters are mild. Landscape architects of Ahmedabad are trained to design and develop the landscape depending on the climate of the area.

  • They have the knowledge about the natural environment, soil, climatic conditions, water quality and indigenous plants. They will choose and select the plants that will survive the climate of the region and flourish naturally without much effort. 
  • Apart from selecting plants for plantation, they also design and decorate any structures like walls, Gazebo, lawn, irrigation system, drainage and any other feature of the landscape to keep it fresh and functional.
  • Depending on the available space and natural surroundings, they work together with architects to design and develop the land around the house making it functional and aesthetically done. 
  • Landscape architecture is not all about beautification of the land. It is also about planning and creating space for children's play area, recreation area for senior citizens, walkway, sitting zone, terrace, garden, fountains, etc. Landscape architects work to create public area and help the residents to connect with the environment.

Is it necessary to hire a landscape architect for my home in Ahmedabad?

We all love greenery around us. And even if you don't, it is the necessity of time to plant greenery for cleaner atmosphere and fight Global warming. Hiring a landscape architect will create the garden which will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will also be your small contribution towards environment conservation.  A professionally created and maintained garden will flourish well since the professionals know what plant will thrive in the given environment and how to tend them.

Landscape architects also provide the service of maintaining the garden. They provide the complete service of pest control, weeding, and pruning and all the other maintenance that the plants and garden will require in future. With plants, herbs, shrubs, flowers, climbers, garden edging, fountains and all the other landscape features decorating the independent houses or housing complex, the exterior will become vibrant. Hiring a landscape architect will keep it fresh and beautiful without the tension of dying plants and parched lawn. 

What should I prepare before meeting the landscape  architect?

Before approaching the landscape architect, you have to do some research from your end. Start with evaluating the property you want to be landscaped. Area of the project, what do you want from it, whether you only want lawn and garden with plants and greenery or you want play area, garage,  walkway, fountains, Gazebo, etc. After this fix a rough budget for the job. Fixing the budget will save on your cost and will also help the professional in designing your project. Ask about the fees of the landscape architect and services that will be included in that fee. 

What do I need to evaluate while hiring landscape architect?

It is important to check the certification and profile of the landscape architect before you select one for your project. Look for any completed or ongoing project, customers testimonials, the services they will provide while working on the project and after the completion of the project and their professionalism and punctuality in finishing the project. Know about their area of expertise and check whether they have worked on similar projects. It is highly recommended to hire the local landscape architect since they are aware of the climatic and soil condition of the region and will provide you with after sale services too. Cost of travelling will also reduce which usually are charged by the client.

How much will the landscape architect charge in Ahmedabad?

Landscape architects will not charge on the basis of per square foot. They will charge on percentage basis of overall project cost, which is usually 2.5% to 5%. 

Where can I find the landscape architect in Ahmedabad?

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