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If you have a properly built comfortable kitchen in your home, your life becomes very easy as cooking is one of the most important day to day activities of life. Without a proper kitchen, you will not be motivated to prepare delicious and healthy food easily, and it could affect your family's health. Hygiene is a big factor when it comes to cooking, and if you don't have proper cleaning and passage facilities in your kitchen, you can't keep it clean and fresh. 

There are numerous other factors you need to keep in mind when you are constructing your kitchen. If you are unable to construct a proper and suitable kitchen according to your home, kitchen planner in Vadodara is always ready to assist you. You can get a complete guide on how to build a kitchen not only suitable according to your home but is very comfortable and safe for cooking as well. Keep scrolling to know more about kitchen planner and advantages of seeking help from it. 

What are the top designs to consider while kitchen planning in Vadodara?

There are numerous styles and designs you can opt, but a professional guide can make your efforts very easy. Depending on the type and dimensions of your home, kitchen planner in Vadodara will suggest you multiple options so that you can choose according to the area you have, your priorities, and of course the budget. Look out at some of the most popular kitchen styles. 

L shaped wooden modular kitchen: L shaped wooden modular kitchen is especially suitable if you have a big spacious house. The style is more suitable for those who want to have a comfortable and stress-free stay in the kitchen. Cooking is going to be comfortable and fun like never before. If you are opting for L shaped wooden modular kitchen design, you might have to spend a little extra than you are expecting, but you will get tension-free for a very long time. This type of kitchen style is very popular and accepted not only in Vadodara but in other cities as well. Just because of its beautiful look and very comfortable space. You should go to the L shaped wooden modular kitchen style if you have enough space in your home.  

Built-in kitchen: Built-in kitchen is one of the most common and preferred designs among all. It doesn't matter what the design, style, or dimension of your kitchen is if you are unable to encircle a particular design, you should go for modern design without any hesitation. By opting designer kitchen, you get maximum flexibility to choose dimension, design, and other things for your kitchen. 

Cottage Charm: If you are living in a cottage, the cottage charm design is available for you. The style is still not very common, and if you want to have a different and appealing look in your kitchen, you can surely go for it. If you are someone who loves to follow the unconventional style of cooking, the cottage charm style will suit you perfectly. 

U shape kitchen: If you are an owner of the villa, the U shape kitchen is more than suitable for you. A U shape kitchen style gives you a look and feel of various coastal regions. Usually, the U shape kitchens are bigger in dimensions, but you can still go for it if you want a less-spacious kitchen. These kitchens look so dynamic because they are decorated with artificial plants and grassroots. The style is very popular especially because of its beautiful look with the essence of nature. 

Are there any specific guidelines to follow while kitchen planning in Vadodara?

If you are planning to have a kitchen with proper space and all the required facilities, you need to follow these simple but crucial guidelines. Kitchen planner in Vadodara will help you to build the kitchen according to these guidelines.  It is important to have enough space in your kitchen not only for comfortable cooking but for safety purposes as well.  The entry and exit area should be comfortably spacious. The minimum width of the exit area should be 2 feet and 10 inches.  Make sure to keep the exit are free from any obstruction.  Having a minimum of three working areas with a minimum distance of 24 and 26 feet for small and big kitchens respectively.  An average dimension of each working area should be 36x24 inches.  The maximum width of the walkway should be 36 inches for safety measurements.  Proper installation and placement of both kitchen sink and dishwasher are necessary to reduce the chances of spilling of water in the kitchen.  A couple of separate dustbins is necessary for dry and wet wastes to increase the chances of proper hygiene. 

What is the estimated cost of the kitchen planning in Vadodara?

Depending on the style and dimensions of the kitchen, the average cost for modern style begins from 5000 INR. Generally, 7-8% of the overall charges are taken as the consultation fee. Naturally, it is directly proportional to the overall cost of kitchen planning depending on your priorities, design, and space.  Professional assistance from the kitchen planner in Vadodara can make the whole process from the selection of design to the maintenance of budget and building the kitchen very easy and stress-free. They will help you to follow the important safety guidelines as well in addition to some other advantages. 

How to reach the experienced kitchen planners in Vadodara?

Finding professional kitchen planner in Vadodara is very easy. All you need to do is to visit homify. The website offers you the complete lists of kitchen planners with all the important details and information. You can look for numerous kitchen planners in Vadodara. Comparing one planner with numerous others is also very easy on the website so that you can decide properly. So, visit the homify website and opt for the most suitable kitchen planner according to your priorities and budget. You won't be disappointed with the experience you will get here on homify.

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