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A kitchen is the most important part of a house, and thus it has to be well managed as well as perfectly decorated. If you are in Pune, kitchen planning would not be a big hassle for you as several good services are there. Having a nicely decorated kitchen does not only enhance the aesthetic value of your house but also adds convenience in working at the kitchen. Professional kitchen planners in Pune can turn your existing kitchen into a fully modular kitchen setup. It also focuses on installing the safety equipment at the kitchen.

What are the common kitchen styles in Pune?

When it comes to the kitchen designing plan, different people have different ideas in mind. Implementation of the ideas depends on a lot of things. Majorly, available kitchen space is an important factor. There could be lot of things to be done when space is quite large. This does not mean small kitchens cannot look beautiful. They can also be meticulously managed and decorated by the professional kitchen planners.  In the following section, you can check out some of the common kitchen decoration styles:

  • Country Farmhouse: If you have a house with a large kitchen space, you can add vintage charm to the kitchen with the Country Farmhouse design or décor idea. This is an open kitchen design. To add the vintage feel, farmhouse style furniture is required to be added. Country colors, like red, yellow and blue would be used with aged tone to bring the vintage charm.
  • Contemporary Design: The contemporary kitchen design is suitable at every place, including at villas, apartments, etc. The contemporary design has one benefit and that is space management. It can suit both the large and small spaced kitchens. Contemporary design means the kitchen will be furnished with contemporary furniture, appliances and elements.
  • Cottage Charm: In Pune, cottage style kitchen design has become quite popular along with a contemporary kitchen. Irrespective of large or small space, this type of kitchen design can be applied in all cases. For serious cooking in whimsical style, this kitchen plan is quite recommended to the apartment owners in Pune.
  • Coastal Kitchen: If you have a villa in Pune and your kitchen space is large, you can surely go for the coastal kitchen design. The state of Maharashtra is famous for its coastal region and coastal foods. This design perfectly brings the essence of the coastal area. Seagrass has been used for the decoration. It can be made contemporary with the use of robust kitchen appliances.

What are the crucial kitchen planning regulations to remember in Pune?

For kitchen planning in Pune, a few guidelines are required to be followed. If you hire professional kitchen planner in Pune, all the following crucial regulations will be pursued with precision.

  • For safety reasons, kitchen door entry should be at least 34 inches wide. In other words, the door width should be at least 2 feet and 10 inches.
  • Entry door should not interfere with safe operation or function of any kitchen appliances.
  • In a kitchen, there could be three work centers. The traveling distance between these work centers should not exceed 26 feet. In small cases, it does not exceed 26 feet in anyway.
  • Work centers should not be separated. Even if separated, then a full height and tall obstacle should not separate the two.
  • For safety reasons and for the convenience of using the kitchen, a walkway of the kitchen should not be more than 36 inches in terms of width.
  • Sink placement should be strategically adjacent to the working platform in your kitchen.
  • The sink area should be at least 24 inches wide in a standard kitchen in Pune.
  • Work area of the kitchen should be at least 24 inches deep and 36 inches wide.
  • The dishwasher should strategically be located close to the kitchen sink. If they are not closely placed, kitchen may turn dirty due to spilling water. It also causes overall safety concerns for the kitchen.
  • In a contemporary kitchen, there should be two trash bins. One bin is for the moist waste, like kinds food stuff, vegetables, etc. The other trash bin should be used for storing the dry waste materials. In this way, the best hygiene in the kitchen can be maintained.

What is the cost of kitchen planning in Pune?

In Pune, kitchen planning cost varies on the basis of many factors. The primary influencing factor is the design of the kitchen. Depending upon your design and requirement for furniture, cost may vary. Contemporary modular kitchen design package in Pune starts from 50000 INR. Generally, the cost could be around 800 to 3000 INR per square foot of your kitchen.

What are the advantages of consulting professional kitchen planner in Pune?

Professional kitchen planner in Pune can provide customized kitchen designing solution. They are poised with experience and expertise to offer different sorts of kitchen designing service, as per your desire. They follow all safety guidelines in developing kitchen, as not just aesthetic value, safety is a major concern for the kitchen planning process.

What is the consulting fee of the kitchen planners in Pune?

In most of the cases, kitchen planners have fixed and flat charges for the consultation. Usually, a percentage of the overall project cost has been counted as a consultancy fee. It could be something around 7 to 8 percent.

How can you find professional kitchen planners in Pune?

In order to find kitchen planner in Pune, one can take the help of the internet. Search about the leading kitchen planners in Pune and you shall come across many services. At homify, we provide top-notch home and living and kitchen planning solution with precision. We are a leading brand in kitchen planning services in Pune.