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Kitchen Planners in Mumbai

When renovating a house or designing a new one in Maharashtra, should you hire kitchen planners in Mumbai to plan the kitchen or can an interior designer undertake the task? It's a doubt many homeowners have as they believe that hiring a specialised designer just for the kitchen will add to the project cost. However, consulting a kitchen planner comes with a host of advantages. 

What is the difference between a kitchen planner and an interior designer?

In terms of educational qualifications, a kitchen planner is a trained interior designer. The difference lies in their specialist skills as they have years of experience in planning and executing kitchen projects for clients. With their extensive knowledge of kitchen layouts, materials, equipment and finishes, they can advise clients on the kitchen design ideas that will work within the given space and the requirements of the homeowner.

Kitchen planners in Mumbai could either work with a dealer as a consultant or have an affiliation or position in a design or architectural firm. Many of the large firms in Mumbai have professional kitchen planners on their payroll as the kitchen is a significant room in any home.

What are the advantages of hiring kitchen planners in Mumbai?

The primary benefit of consulting a specialist planner for your kitchen project is that you get an optimal design that is a perfect mix of beautiful elements and practical features. Since a kitchen planner is an expert at incorporating everything a modular kitchen or a built-in-kitchen needs, he has a trained eye that can identify underutilised corners, and he can even think of innovative solutions to ensure that the room has storage, workspace and ease of movement that make it comfortable for preparing meals.

Additionally, the kitchen planner knows the science behind kitchen design, including technical aspects such as the ideal distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator. In design terminology, these three elements constitute the work triangle, with the gap between each of these elements and the other forming three arms of the triangle. By placing these elements at a prescribed distance from each other (a minimum distance of 4 feet and a maximum of 9 feet), the workflow in the kitchen becomes smoother than before. 

Besides this, safety should be a priority in the kitchen, since sharp objects such as knives, hot elements such as pans taken off the stove or electrical appliances with blades such as mixers can cause accidents. The kitchen planner will give safety its due importance to minimise the risk of accidents in the kitchen. For instance, landing space should be available near ovens and stoves so that one can rest hot dishes on them after removing them from the oven instead of walking across the kitchen to place them on a counter at the other end.

Lighting, ventilation and storage are other essential elements that any kitchen needs and the kitchen designer will pay attention to each aspect to ensure that the room is bright, airy and uncluttered.

While one can hire a professional from anywhere in the country, it makes sense to hire a local kitchen planner for a project in Mumbai as he is aware of the various regulations regarding safety and construction as well as the climate in the city. Furthermore, since he has excellent contacts with suppliers of kitchen materials and equipment as well as contractors, he can help to source elements at a reasonable price, thereby bringing down the cost of the project.

Won't the kitchen planner's fees add to the project cost?

While it is a common misconception among homeowners that kitchen designers are expensive and hiring them will increase the project cost, working with a professional will ensure that the kitchen construction or remodelling stays within the budget. For example, when a homeowner assigns the task of the renovation to a contractor who doesn't give thought to ergonomics, it could result in mistakes such as the lack of counter space near a refrigerator for placing items or the absence of an electrical point near the stove for ignition. The additional amount that goes into rectifying these mistakes by breaking down tiles and rebuilding will increase the overall cost of the kitchen build. Instead, if one works with a kitchen planner these type of rookie mistakes would not occur.

How expensive are kitchen planners in Mumbai?

As with interior designers and architects, kitchen planners use different models for computing their fee. The most common method is the percentage of project cost. Most kitchen designers charge between 10% and 20% as their fees. The price usually includes 2D/3D images and drawings, help with sourcing of materials and supervision of work to ensure the project meets expectations. In the case of customised elements, the designer may charge a rate per square feet (example: for custom-made furniture or cabinets for the kitchen), usually ranging from Rs.40 to Rs.400 per square feet. 

In some cases, the homeowner may require only the plans, which he will pass on to his contractor to execute. Then, the kitchen planner may charge a one-time or flat fee (usually upwards of Rs.40,000), based on the scope of the kitchen design.

How to identify the best kitchen planners in Mumbai?

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most reliable means of finding an excellent kitchen planning expert. However, one should always view the professional's portfolio to ensure that the quality of finishes and design style meet one's expectations. Numerous web portals have listings of interior designers and kitchen design professionals, but it's advisable to meet the person face to face or at least speak to them a few times to assess the level of comfort in working with them before deciding to hire anyone.

On homify, our kitchen planners' directory for Mumbai has listings of verified professionals, including their contact details and images of projects completed by them. After browsing through the pages to select a few designers, whose work meets your requirement, you can fill up and submit the online contact form to get free quotes from the chosen professionals.

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