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Kitchen Planners in Kolkata

Are there any benefits to using kitchen planners for a makeover or a new house when there is an architect or interior designer already working on your project? It's a question many homeowners ask, especially since hiring a kitchen planning professional will increase the project cost. However, working with a professional planner can make a world of difference in the functionality and aesthetics of a kitchen.

What does a kitchen planner do?

A kitchen planner is a professional who specialises in the design and construction of a kitchen. Unlike an interior designer, who mainly considers the aesthetics of the room, kitchen design professionals look at several aspects, including space planning, accessibility, ergonomics and beauty. While any contractor can put together a kitchen with the essential elements such as the sink, stove, countertops and cabinets, it comes with a risk of design flaws such as the stove being too close to a window or restricted movement between two counters in the room. When working with a professional kitchen expert, one gets a perfectly designed space that is efficient and good-looking.

How is a kitchen planner different from an interior designer?

While both types of professionals have educational qualifications in interior design in addition to work experience in the field, a kitchen planner is a specialist who only focuses on designing kitchens. He may work with an architect's firm or as a consultant with a dealer who sells branded kitchens. In some cases, a kitchen design professional may set up his specialist practice.

Are there any benefits of hiring kitchen planners in Kolkata?

In any city, it makes sense to work with a local expert not only to keep costs low but also to take advantage of the contacts that the professional has. Since kitchen planners in Kolkata have years of experience of working on projects in the city, they would have an excellent rapport with dealers and contractors, due to which they can negotiate better rates for products and services for your project. Additionally, they are aware of the best places to source materials and can even get customised elements for your kitchen to make it unique.

What to expect when hiring kitchen planners in Kolkata?

The services that a kitchen planner offers can vary depending on the requirements of the client.

Design services: When a homeowner needs only the design, which he will hand over to a contractor to execute, then the kitchen planning professional will provide drawings, 2D/3D computer-generated images and plans. The cost of this service can differ based on the size of the kitchen and the complexity of the design, starting from Rs.40,000.

Complete project management: Although this is a more expensive option than getting just the plans, hiring kitchen planners to oversee the design and execution of the project ensure that everything takes place as per expectations and without any unexpected errors. For end-to-end project management services, professionals in Kolkata may charge a percentage of the total project cost. For instance, if the kitchen design and execution estimate work out to Rs.500,000, then the kitchen planner will charge anything from 10% to 20% of the cost, which can work out between Rs.50,000 to Rs. 100,000.

Customisation: Some kitchens may require customised elements either based on the homeowner's requirements or if the area has an irregular layout. In such cases, the kitchen planner may undertake customisation on behalf of his client by identifying a suitable expert and outsourcing to him. Usually, customised elements are more expensive. Therefore, the professional may charge on a cost per square feet basis, which can range from Rs.40 to Rs.400 per square feet. 

How does a kitchen planner contribute to the better design of the room?

A kitchen planner looks beyond beauty to make the kitchen a comfortable place to work since it is the place in the house where the family prepares meals. Among the factors that they look at are:

Safety: Compared to other rooms in the house, kitchens pose a higher risk of accidents as one handles sharp objects such as knives, hot elements such as stoves or ovens as well as inflammable elements such as cooking gas. A professional kitchen planner ensures that the area is as safe as possible by placing the stove at the right location (away from windows and inflammable materials) and providing counters for resting hot utensils when they are taken out of the oven. Additionally, he will advise on the placement of a fire extinguisher near the exit of the kitchen, where it is accessible without entering the room.

The work triangle: As per design guidelines, the three primary elements in the kitchen – the stove, sink and refrigerator – need to be easily accessible from each other. A kitchen planner is aware of the ideal distance between each of these elements and will design a layout that optimises the space in the kitchen.

Efficient design: Whether it's the storage or the layout, the planner is trained to see innovative solutions on how to improve the workflow in the kitchen and will design the room accordingly by providing the right amount of lighting, counter space and storage.

What to look for before hiring kitchen planners in Kolkata?

While there are advantages to hiring a professional kitchen designer for renovating or designing a kitchen in Kolkata, one should perform the necessary checks to verify whether the professional has the required skills and experience. The recommended method is by getting word of mouth referrals and viewing completed projects or the portfolio of the kitchen planner.

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