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Kitchen planners in Jaipur

Padharo Mhare Desh!’ Think Jaipur and it reminds of palatial palaces, the visions of Maharajas and Maharanis living there and the vibrant and rich culture which is still alive in the modern city. A popular tourist destination, food is an essential part of rich cultural heritage and an Indian way to welcome the guests. With an array of Rajasthani cuisine on offer, the kitchens are designed for peaceful co-existence of wide variety of traditional utensils, modern crockery and electrical appliances in bright and beautiful environment. Since kitchen is and always has been the favourite place for the family to hang around, so it has to be beautifully designed and fully equipped to make it the centrepiece of home.

What are the characteristic features of kitchen designs in Jaipur?

The city of Jaipur is designed on the principles of Vastu Shastra. So it's not surprising that the designs and planning of the houses are based on the concepts of Indian Vastu and kitchen being an important part of the home is definitely designed according to Vastu. The traditionally built kitchens are large and closed, but it is well ventilated to make life in kitchen easy since the city has hot and arid climate. With the advent of IT and telecom industries, high rises and apartments have mushroomed in the city and are home for young and modern working couple. The modern family love to spend their evenings cooking and entertaining their family and friends together in the integrated kitchen. So the traditional kitchen has been replaced by modern and chic sleek modular kitchen which is convenient and fits into any shape, size or style of kitchen. However, traditional or contemporary, the aim is to design a vibrant, attractive, comfortable, and functional kitchen that too in an affordable budget.

Why should I hire a professional kitchen planner?

With loads of ideas available online and in stores, you often would wonder why to hire a professional kitchen planner and pay them extra money. Here are the practical reasons why you should hire kitchen planner for your home:

Challenging room to design: Kitchen is probably the busiest room of the house and most challenging to design since both utility and aesthetics have to be considered while designing it. Once placed at the back of the house in an enclosed room, the kitchens have now become a part of the social area of the home and recreation zone for the family. With major activities of house going on here on daily basis it is challenging even for the professional planners to design a comfortable, modern and functional space. Imagine the difficulties you will face!

Financially viable:  Whether building a new or remodelling the old one, kitchen designing is the most expensive room of the home and an excellent investment to do or else it will become a liability. Planners have expertise to design an aesthetically pleasing functional kitchen within the budget assigned by you. So it is better to hire a planner and invest in future or save today and regret later. In fact, hiring a designer early on the project will keep the cost significantly low. When you hire a professional and get a professionally designed kitchen only by paying fees of 7-10% of the total cost of kitchen you will feel that it was worth spending for.

Customized service: Kitchen planners are trained to and have experiences to handle the sophisticated and highly specialised kitchen design with elan. They have the knowledge about the latest trends in modular kitchen, space utilization, appliance integration, Vastu and have the creativity to design a beautiful, comfortable and Vastu compliant kitchen. They create a customized kitchen after studying the lifestyle, number of family members, social life, requirements and interest in cooking of the family.

Helping in selecting the best from the rest: It's really confusing when you go through the choices available in kitchen designs. From layout to style, from materials for cabinetry, fixtures, counter-top, backsplash and flooring to colours choice available for each of these; it's complicated. Kitchen planners will assist you in making the right choice since they have the knowledge about coordinating the materials and colours to create a pleasing visual and best utilization of the available space.

Tension-free service: Once you hire a planner and sign the contract, building the perfect kitchen in your budget is their responsibility. Floor planning, layout design, planning the storage, maximizing the use of the challenging corners, cabinet installations, appliances, flooring, countertop and backsplash selections and fittings, lighting design, plumbing and electrical fittings, structural designs and tiles; hiring a planner is the one point solution to every problems.

What preparation should I do before meeting the kitchen planner?

Kitchen designer will be able to create the best design and give the best service only if you have the clarity of thought of what exactly you want. Before meeting the professional, learn about the different kitchen styles (traditional, old world, contemporary, Mediterranean, cottage, country and modern) and the style you are planning to have. Talk about you colour choice, aspirations, requirements, cooking preference (number of persons in kitchen), appliances needed in the kitchen, how often you entertain your guests, budget, preferred layout and assign a timeline for the project. Your professional approach will help you in getting out the best from the kitchen planners.

How much will it cost to design a kitchen in Jaipur?

The modern city of Jaipur prefers to have the convenience and smartness of modular kitchen in their home. Modular kitchen can cost somewhere between Rs.1-3 lakh depending on the size, style and complexity of the design chosen but it can go up to 4-4.5 lakh too. For those who still prefer the kitchen made in traditional way by carpenters, building it will cost around 1.5 -2 lakhs. The cost may vary depending on the quality and style of materials chosen.

Want us to help you planning your kitchen?

Give us the opportunity to serve and we can find the best professional kitchen planners in Jaipur for you. We at Homify India have a list of the best kitchen planners sorted out according to their area of expertise and locality. You just have to check their profile, shortlist them based on the pictures of their work displayed on our website, fill a simple form and click the submit button. The professionals will contact you with quotations almost immediately.  

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