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When do I need a kitchen planner?

You might need a kitchen planner if you are about to remodel or renovate your kitchen. You might also require these expert services if you’re building a new home or kitchen from scratch. The main service a kitchen planner provides is to design the layout, ergonomics and functionality of a kitchen—providing homeowners with both practical advice and aesthetic suggestions along the way. You might choose to use a kitchen planner if you want an expert to oversee building, remodelling or redecorating. They can also provide invaluable advice if you are short of space. Making sure there is room for all your appliances, work surfaces and dining areas can be a tall order, but an experienced planner will use experience gained in commercial and domestic properties in order to make the best use possible of the available space.

What do kitchen planners actually do?

A kitchen planner will assess the available space you have for your kitchen. Based on at least one lengthy consultation with the homeowner, the kitchen planner will then draw up initial plans using either technical drawings or computer-aided design (CAD). Using the basic principles of interior design, the kitchen planner will then painstakingly design every aspect of functionality, layout and decor. Throughout the design process, a design professional will liaise with the homeowner to ensure that the proposed plans are keeping with the original requirements. A residential kitchen planner will suggest small kitchen ideas, options for cabinetry, flooring, appliances, colours and worktops. And all of this will be done in relation to the homeowner’s budget. In some cases, a kitchen planner will project manage a renovation, remodeling or new build. This might involve liaising with builders, designers and interior architects.

What is the difference between a kitchen planner and a kitchen fitter?

There is a very clear difference between a kitchen planner and a kitchen fitter, and it’s one that must be understood by homeowners taking on the design process for the first time. A kitchen planner is usually only involved in the design of a kitchen’s decor, layout and appliance placement. Their involvement usually ends once a design has been agreed upon unless contracted for supervision of the construction. A kitchen fitter, however, deals with the physical installation of flooring, cabinetry, appliances, wall tiles and lighting. There are some kitchen planners who also perform the functions of a kitchen fitter—and vice versa. And some kitchen design companies in Chennai will provide both services for one price.

How do I find the right kitchen planner for my kitchen project in Chennai?

It is exceptionally easy to find the right kitchen planner for your home project on the homify website. The homify kitchen planner section lists professionals based on their specific area of expertise, locality and design history. You should look for a  kitchen planner who has direct experience in your project and is located close to Chennai. For instance, if you are building a new home, it might be worth looking for a professional with experience in new builds. If you are trying to maximise limited space, there might be a kitchen planner who has specific knowledge and experience in this area of design. There is a world of difference between designing a kitchen for a large house and doing so for a studio apartment, so ask the professionals you interview for a breakdown of their specific work history. The homify website also allows you to compare different kitchen planners quickly and easily. It's always a good idea to interview potential choices before hiring them. Find out about specific projects they have completed, and ask them for a brief overview of what can be done in your kitchen.

What do I need to look out for when choosing a kitchen planner?

The most important thing to look out for when searching for the right kitchen planner for your project is whether or not the company or individual you choose has specific expertise and experience in the type of kitchen you are remodelling or building. If you live in an apartment, look for a kitchen planner who has a track record of maximising available space without impacting functionality. If you are building your own home, look for a kitchen planner with specific building experience, and someone who will understand the terminology and technical aspects of fitting designer kitchens. But if you need help with the aesthetic aspects of your kitchen, someone with specific design and decor experience is probably best for your project. Use the homify directory to compare the services and work history of contractors, and take customer reviews into consideration when making your choice.

How much will a kitchen planner cost in Chennai?

A kitchen planner will have some very specific training in the areas of building, design, CAD and interior design. When all of these attributes are combined, beautiful, functional and effective kitchens can be produced based on your own distinctive vision. A kitchen planner will provide a fee estimate based on the total cost and responsibilities taken up on the project This is a service well worth paying for, as it can add several years to the functional life of a kitchen. Fitting a beautiful and functional kitchen in your home could add to its resale value—so try to look upon it as an investment. Remember, you are ultimately in charge of your kitchen project, so don't be pressured into spending decisions you haven't budgeted for.

How can I keep the costs low when working with a kitchen planner?

The best thing you can do with regard to controlling costs is formulate an affordable budget before you start to approach kitchen planners. Some planners will place greater emphasis on design and aesthetics, but this might ramp up the price if you don’t keep a lid on spending. At the very beginning of the process, make sure you agree all costs in advance, and insist on being kept informed if anything happens that might add to the cost of your new kitchen. Using the homify website to compare the prices being charged by kitchen planners is a quick and simple process. Shortlist your potential kitchen planners down to three or four based on the specifics of your project, and then obtain detailed quotes from each of them before choosing the most appropriate.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project ?

The building or remodelling of a kitchen can be a complex process that requires the expertise of more than just a kitchen planner. Fortunately, you can find all the technical specialists to help you make your dream kitchen a reality using the homify website.

Architects in Chennai

Particularly if you are building a new home or an extension to your existing property, you might need the expert services of an architect to design, build and to coordinate with construction and design professionals. Your architect might consult your kitchen planner during the design and planning stages of your project in order to make your dream kitchen become a reality. Most builders require technically accurate drawings for complex construction projects, so the help of an architect could be essential.

Interior Architects Chennai

If you are planning to rebuild or move walls, create new spaces, or maximise the limited space you already have, hiring an interior architect could be the most effective way to approach your kitchen project. Working alongside your kitchen planner, an interior architect will address the practical issues and building requirements that the planner’s vision entails. An interior architect will work on the dimensions and design of the room, and your kitchen planner will ultimately decide what should go where.

Designers Chennai

You might want to include some very specific design features, kitchen craft, art or artistic creations in your new kitchen, in which case the services of specialist designers could be invaluable. You might decide that a large wall requires a bespoke feature, or you might want your kitchen furniture to be unique. Designers can identify the areas of your kitchen that require very specific kitchen lighting ideas that can create the illusion of extra space, or draw attention to certain features. Whether you want a country kitchen or a modern kitchen, designers of all varieties usually work hand in hand with kitchen planners to bring the visions of homeowners to life.