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Kitchen planners in Chennai

Having a good looking kitchen with all the facilities isn't only important for your health, but it can improve the overall look of your home as well. There are so many options available when it is about dimension, type, and size of the kitchen, but everything comes down to your priorities, requirements, the space you have for the kitchen, and of course the budget. If you are still unable to finalize the design, type, and dimensions of your kitchen, kitchen planner in Chennai can share a lot of workload with you. 

There are so many interior designers and decorators and architects in Chennai, but a professional consultant from kitchen planner can make a huge difference. They are experienced and professional in the field of designing and constructing and are always ready to help you in the best possible way. Have a look at different aspects of getting professional advice on how your kitchen can become perfect in every aspect. Keep reading to know more. 

What are some kitchen design layouts popular in Chennai ?

There is no lack of options when we talk about designs, styles, and dimensions, but encircling the one according to your requirements is the biggest headache. Having multiple options is always helpful, and that's when the advice from kitchen planner becomes more important. The U shaped modular kitchen style is not something new, and it is very popular in various parts of the world including India. It is very suitable especially if you own a farmhouse or villa. There is nothing like you can't go for it if you have a smaller home, but if your home is a little bigger with a lot of spaces, you should go for it. The U shaped modular kitchen style can surely increase the beauty of your home. The style is more suitable if you want beauty with space. Cooking is going to be comfortable and fun like never before. When it is about flexibility, modular laminated kitchen design is the best option without any doubt. It fits properly in every type and size of the home. Whether you are a villa owner, or you have a mansion or just a normal flat, you can go for contemporary design without any hesitation. You get a lot of flexibility not only in design, dimension but in the budget as well.  Wood modulo and kitchen design is particularly for those who are residing in a well-spaced good looking cottage. The wood modulo and kitchen charm design is still not so common, and if you want to give your home a unique look, you should consider it as the first choice. The style will give your home a very beautiful and eye pleasing look. Besides, the unconventional style of cooking is more than suitable for cottage design kitchens.  Smart modular kitchen design suits perfectly in villa type homes. The design will give your villa a feel and look of Indian coastal regions. People are going to be mesmerized with the design if you are thinking about constructing your kitchen according to the coastal design. The design suits perfectly to large kitchens, but you can still go for it if you have less space. The artificial grassroots, flowers, fruits, and so much greenery is used to decorate the kitchens designed according to the coastal style.

What protocols must be there in the bucket list for kitchen planning in Chennai?

When it comes to constructing your home, kitchen, or any other part of your home, safety is one of the biggest centers of discussion. You should never ignore the importance of taking safety measurements while doing any kind of construction work. Kitchen planner in Chennai isn't only going to build an attractive kitchen for you; they will also make sure complete safety of you and your loved ones. These are some basic regulations you need to follow when you are constructing your kitchen. 

  • In addition to proper space inside your kitchen, it is very important to have a comfortable and spacious entry and exit area with a minimum width of 2 ft. And 10 inches. 
  • Always make sure there isn't any kind of obstruction near the entry or exit area. 
  • Three separate working areas are necessary with a minimum distance of 24 to 26 feet. 
  • Each working area should be of 36 by 24 inches. 
  • The maximum allowed width of walkway is 36 inches for safety purposes. 
  • The installation and placement of both the kitchen sink and dishwasher are very important to reduce the chances of water spilling on the kitchen floor. 
  • There must be two separate trash bins for both dry and moist kitchen wastes.

Is there any expected cost I will have to spend for professional kitchen planning?

The average charge of kitchen planning in Chennai for a contemporary kitchen is 5000 INR. It can vary according to your priorities and requirements. 

Is it necessary to get in touch with a kitchen planning expert?

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any kind of construction. Professional kitchen planner in Chennai will help you to have a kitchen with taking all the necessary safety measurements. In addition, you will get a lot of assistance over the maintenance of your budget. In short, professional advice can do wonders for you to have a proper, comfortable and good-looking kitchen. 

What are the expected charges of the consultation?

It depends on the overall cost of the kitchen you are constructing. Usually, 7 to 8 percent of overall cost deducted as the consultation fee. 

How and where I will find the best kitchen planners?

You are always a couple of clicks away from getting into numerous options. There are so many kitchen planners in Chennai, but you would want to have assistance from the most suitable one. The homify website does that for you by listing multiple kitchen planners with complete comparison in every aspect including the previous records, reputation, and the budget. You can visit homify anytime to have a proper and informative idea about kitchen planners in Chennai.  

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