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Kitchen Planners in Bangalore

Why should you hire kitchen planners in Bangalore when you already have an interior design professional in charge of your new build or renovation project? It's a standard query that homeowners have but consulting a kitchen planner not only helps to keep the project within budget in the long -term but also ensures a well-planned, efficient and beautiful kitchen that won't need any changes for several years. 

What to expect when you hire kitchen planners in Bangalore?

The primary difference between a kitchen planning professional and an interior designer is that the former is a specialist. Usually, he starts his career as an interior designer and works for several years in the field before specialising in kitchen design. Unlike when you work with a contractor, who tries to fit all the appliances and cabinets into the available space, not necessarily in the most efficient layout, the kitchen planner considers ergonomics to ensure that the workflow in the kitchen is as smooth as possible.

The following are the various aspects that a kitchen planner evaluates before designing the room:

Ease of movement: Not every house or apartment has a spacious kitchen. Therefore, one of the challenges is to optimise the available area to make it seem bigger than it is. Since the kitchen is primarily an area for cooking and preparing meals, it should have enough space for the chef to work comfortably without feeling cramped.

Ample storage: Clutter is a bane in any room in a house, and more so in a kitchen when it crowds the countertops and reduces the workspace available for cooking or prepping. The kitchen designer will plan the storage to ensure a dedicated place to store utensils, crockery, cutlery and food. Additionally, he will devise solutions for problematic areas such as corner cabinets to make them more accessible.

The Work triangle: Poor workflow is an element that most self-designed kitchens suffer. Kitchen planners are aware of the significance of the work triangle – the ideal distance between stove, sink and refrigerator, which are the main elements in the kitchen. By setting these elements at the right distance from each other, the ease of movement and accessibility dramatically improves.

Lighting: Unlike other rooms, where ambient lighting may be enough to illuminate the entire room, in the kitchen, direct lighting is essential, especially over work areas, to prevent accidents from handling knives and other sharp objects.

Ease of maintenance: Since hygiene is vital in kitchens, the design should allow easy cleaning of every corner of the room. Deep shelves or drawers that are not easily accessible and countertop materials that absorb oil and stains are among the elements to avoid in kitchens.

Safety: Due to the presence of fire, heating appliances and sharp objects, kitchens are prone to accidents. A kitchen planner will advise on the best place for counters, drawers and fire extinguishers to minimise risks as well as to increase preparedness in case of an accident.

What are the benefits of hiring kitchen planners in Bangalore?

It's always advantageous to work with a local professional not only because it's easy to contact them or meet them to discuss any issues but also as it keeps the costs low. A kitchen planner in Bangalore will know the right places to source materials and equipment for the kitchen at the lowest prices. Therefore, the project will be well within the budget. He will also have an excellent pool of contractors, carpenters, tilers and other skilled labour to ensure the execution of the kitchen design is perfect. 

Often, when a homeowner opts for a DIY kitchen makeover or works directly with the contractor, there's a chance of elements not working out right or of making small mistakes such as omitting to install an electrical point near the work area for plugging the mixer or other gadgets. As a result, the tiles may need to be broken down to rectify the error. One can avoid this sort of additional expense by working with a professional kitchen planner.

What is the approximate cost of hiring a kitchen planner?

Undoubtedly, the fee payable to the professional adds to the project cost, but it's worth the expense to ensure perfect execution of every element. As with interior designers and architects, most kitchen planners charge a percentage of the total project cost as their fee (usually between 10% and 20%).

In some cases, the professional may charge a flat fee, especially when the homeowner asks for just the plans and drawings (usually if he has a reliable contractor who can execute the plans for the kitchen). The flat fee ranges from Rs.40,000 for a simple design to a few lakhs for a more complicated one.

The third method that kitchen planning professionals sometimes use is the rate per square feet calculation. They mostly charge on this basis for projects that require customised elements.

What services can you expect when you hire a kitchen planner?

While kitchen planners offer a range of services, it's entirely up to the clients to choose the ones that they want to avail.

Design only: If the homeowner wants to use his contractor for the execution of the project, then he can get the designer to provide 2D/3D computer-generated images of modern kitchen design as well as the drawings.

End-to-end supervision: In this case, the kitchen planner provides comprehensive services, starting with the drawings and plans, to sourcing the materials and supervising the execution of the project to ensure it meets the client's expectations.

Customisation: In some cases, where the project has complicated elements that are not readily available in the market, the kitchen designer can undertake to get them custom-built.

How to find reliable kitchen planners in Bangalore?

The best way to identify a professional is to view samples of their work. If a friend or relative recently had their kitchen renovated, then seeing the finished room will give an idea of the design style and quality of finishes that the designer can execute. Alternatively, one can find kitchen planners through an online search. However, in this case, it's essential to verify the professionalism and expertise of the designer before hiring him. Ask to see his portfolio, and during the initial meetings, assess your level of comfort in working with him, including whether he listens to your ideas and finds solutions to execute them.

On homify, our kitchen planners' directory for Bangalore includes a list of verified professionals. You can view images of their uploaded portfolios and contact them by submitting the online form to get free quotes for your kitchen design or renovation.

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