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Joiners in Surat

Situated in the western part of the state of Gujarat, Surat is one of the most dynamic cities of India. Being the diamond and textile hub of the country, it has the fastest growth rate due to the migrants. The people from all over the country flock to the city for business and job opportunities and for a better life. Ranked 4th in the list of the fastest growing city globally, Surat has the most vivacious present and glorious past filled with rich and varied heritage. The port city of Surat was once established as the business centre by the Portuguese and Dutch to trade with India. The remnants of their presence are still present in the form of the buildings and ports which are preserved amidst sprawling modern homes and uber-advance ports in the Smart city of Surat. To build the city and preserve its past, the joiners of Surat work along with the building contractors, architects and interior designers and decorators and contribute substantially in the development and expansion of the city. 

What do the joiners do?

Joiners are skilled artisans who work with wood to create ornamental pieces of furniture and functional wooden fixtures and fittings by joining the pieces of wood. The doors and windows of your house, chest of drawers in the cupboards, stairs you climb and even the shelving units in your local grocers shop; everything made of wood around you has been crafted by joiners and fitted by the carpenters. However, being the busy port city, there are two types of joiners quite active in Surat:

Site joiner: Site joiners work for the residential and commercial buildings. Their work here is to build wooden structures like frames for doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, partition walls, staircases, roof trusses, wooden flooring, floor and roof joints, bookshelves, tables, skirting, in-built cabinets, beds, drawers, furniture…in fact every woodwork around you are the work of the joiners.

Marine joiner: The shipping industry in Surat requires the services of joiners for shipbuilding and repairing works. However, here they may work with materials other than timber which includes fibreglass, hardware, gaskets and linoleum. 

Who should I call for my project, a joiner or a carpenter?

The common customers usually get confused, whom to hire, joiner or carpenter for the woodwork they are planning to start. To get confused is quite natural since both joiners and carpenters are from the same trade and work with the same material though the specialization is different. The joiners will create the pieces ordered by you in the workshop, using powered machinery and their skills by joining the pieces of wood together which the carpenters will then fix and install on site. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to identify the nature of the work required for your project and what skills do you need in the craftsperson for it. Usually the joiners and carpenters work in unison, however, their specialisation will define the quality of work they will deliver. For example, you may find a joiner who creates a perfect staircase or window and door frames in the workshop, however, he may not be able to fit it perfectly into the space. So, before you decide to call the joiner, check whether he has the carpenter in his team.

What are the skills to look for while looking for a good joiner?

The joiners work with wood to create different fixtures, structures and fittings which are then used in numerous different ways that can be seen all around us. They have an important role to play in the construction industry and also in our day to day life so they are expected to have certain skills to differentiate from good to excellent.

  • The joiners work architects, interior designers and decorators and interior architects right from the blueprint of the buildings. So it is important for them to understand and interpret technical drawings correctly and be able to read the building plan.
  • A basic knowledge of computer and the ability to use computer-aided design will help give a shape to customer’s ideas and showing it to them even before starting the actual work. This will save on time and money. 
  • Working with wood requires woodworking and machinery skills and excellence in these skills make a huge difference in the competency of the joiner.
  • There are many types of timber available in the market and each type behaves differently when being cut, glued, filed and sanded. Different types of timber are used for different purposes. So the joiner should know the timbers well and what purpose it will solve well. 
  • Joinery works require accurate measurement and customization. Hence, the joiner should have good mathematical ability to create the pieces with perfection.

How much will the joiners cost in Surat?

The joiner’s job is a highly skilled one and requires perfection. The cost of the joiner depends on skills, knowledge, location and experience. In a new construction, joinery work is included in the cost of the building and hence the individual clients won’t have to pay individually. But then in residential house or commercial buildings, the services of joiners are needed quite often. If you are calling the joiner, be ready to pay anything between Rs. 800-1200/sq.ft for the woodwork which doesn’t include the material cost. 

How can I find a joiner for my project in Surat?

Start your search for joiners by calling up your carpenter or asking for references from family, friends and neighbours. Even the building contractors and construction professionals will be able to help you out. However, if you are an online person and prefer to Google, then you have reached the right page. Homify India has maintained the directory of different professionals whose services are needed in our home construction and maintenances. The joiners are one such professional. Browse for the joiners in Surat, check out their completed project, select the one suitable for you and then contact us. Our professional will get in touch with you.