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What kind of projects can a joiner do?

A joiner can play a major role in almost any building and renovation project that requires the use of wood. A joiner is a fully trained tradesperson who cuts, shapes and joins pieces of wood in order to make pre-designed structures and ornamental features. A joiner will either construct wooden features and structures in a workshop or on site in your property.

The work carried out by a joiner is usually more intricate and complex than the work carried out by a carpenter, and it typically includes the building and fitting of interior and exterior doors, window frames, stairs, partition walls and roof structures. You might also need to hire a joiner if you want to create bespoke items of furniture, such as tables, chairs and bookcases. You might require the expert services of a joiner if you're planning to completely remodel a room in your home with new door and window frames. A joiner will be needed if you're building a home from scratch in order to build walls and frames in accordance with an architect's designs.

Joiners fit kitchens, make bespoke furniture, repair existing wooden structures and build structures from wood in accordance with plans from designers, kitchen planners, architects and interior architects. For large home building projects, it is not unusual to have all of these professionals involved on site.

How do I find the right joiner for my project in Paris?

Finding the right joiner for your home building project involves assessing the specific requirements of the job at hand. Once you have done this, you can start to search for joiners with specific experience and qualifications in the type of project you're planning. The homify website makes this search for a quality joiner in Paris a quick and simple process, as joiners are listed based on their geographical location and list of specialities. Once you have identified three or four local joiners with the specific experience you're looking for, you should compare their prices, their portfolio of work and any customer reviews that are available. Before you hire your preferred joiner, make sure you have met them in person, as you need to know you can work and communicate with them throughout your project.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a joiner?

The joiner or firm you choose should be able to demonstrate experience and a traceable work history in the type of project you're planning. For instance, some joinery firms and professional joiners will specialise in creating bespoke furniture. You might be planning a new build, in which case it makes sense to look out for joiners who have worked as part of large construction teams. Building the frame for a roof is very different to fitting prefabricated windows, so make sure you choose the joiner with the right credentials.

In order to avoid an inappropriate joinery firm pitching for your business, make sure you take the time to whittle your choices down to only the firms with proven experience in your project. Don't be afraid to arrange meetings with your preferred joiners to discuss your specific requirements—you are under no obligation to use their services until you have made an agreement. You can perform this search quickly and easily using the directory of professionals on the homify website.

How much will a joiner cost in Paris?

A joiner is a qualified, time-served tradesperson, so you should expect to pay a significant fee for the expert services of such a reliable and skilled professional. However, there can be some very significant differences in the cost of hiring a joiner, depending on where you live and the specific nature of your building project. The costs of hiring a joiner will also fluctuate depending on whether or not materials are included in the job. It is often possible to cut the cost of joinery services by sourcing your own materials and equipment, and then simply hiring a professional joiner to do the work.

If you are prepared to shop around and compare the prices being charged by joiners in your area, there is the potential to find a bargain. However, you shouldn't let cost be your overriding priority. Having your project completed to a high standard is the most important aspect to consider, so choose three or four joiners who have a great track record in your type of project, and then look for the best deal.

It is worth bearing in mind that the cost of hiring a joiner might increase if you expect the joiner to work alongside other professionals such as designers and architects. You should insist on a complete quote before handing over any money, and you should also ask for a complete breakdown of costs.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a joiner in Paris?

The cost of hiring your joiner will very much depend on the complexity of the project. The simpler your project, the cheaper your joiner will be. The easiest way to keep the cost of hiring a joiner down is to compare as many quotes as possible. Shopping around is easy with the help of homify, as there is a wealth of information available regarding the skills and experience of building professionals in Paris.

You might be able to save some money by sourcing equipment and materials yourself, but it's important to ensure that your overriding priority is always quality and suitability for the job. Before you sign a contract or hand over any money, make sure you have ascertained whether or not the agreement covers all the costs associated with the project. Ask for an itemised list of costs, and ask for a guarantee that these costs won't increase or be added to over the course of your building project. Joiner prices are worked out differently, depending on the firm you choose. You might be quoted a total price for your project, or you might be given a joiner cost per day. Assess the final cost of carpentry services in advance before making your decision.

What other professionals do I need for my building project?

A great many home building projects rely on the expertise and services of a number of trained professionals. While your priority might be the hiring of a trained joiner, you might also need the services of other building professionals to complete your project. Joiners work side by side with several different tradespeople on projects, and you can find them with a quick search on the homify website.

Architects Paris

An architect's job is to work with property owners and project managers in order to make detailed drawings based on the vision for a project. These technical plans are essential for new builds and large-scale renovations. An architect will ensure that local planning regulations are met. The job of an architect also involves creating plans that builders—including joiners—can work from. A joiner will often create structures and features based on an architect's plans, so it is vital that communication is embraced at all times. There are many architects listed on the homify professionals directory, so you can hire one at the same time as you hire your joiner.

Interior Architects Paris

An interior architect specialises in the designing and building of rooms, corridors and storage inside a home. Interior architects are responsible for ensuring the interior spaces of a property flow well whilst making the best use of space. Your joiner might take their lead from an interior architect if your project involves the fitting of new walls, doors and windows. The interior architect you choose must have experience in projects like yours in order to create your desired ambience and living experience, and you can choose the ideal individual or firm for the job by using homify's professionals directory.

Kitchen planners Paris

A kitchen planner is tasked with turning an empty space or an existing room into a functional kitchen that meets all the requirements of a homeowner. Kitchen planners usually come from a design background, but they might also have a background in joinery and kitchen fitting. Once your kitchen planner has designed where your cupboards, appliances, lighting and furniture will go, your joiner might take over and start to build and fit units, cupboards and worktops. There are several kitchen planning firms listed on the homify website, so you can arrange all your building services in one place.