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Drashtikon designer consultant (kamal maniya)
hello, i m kamal, (founder of drastikon designer consultant) i like to create something new bcoz i believe in creation, 
J9 Associates
We believe, every Design should reflect the client's ideas, images and goals should also encompass exciting possibilities
UNLOCK is a designing firm, primarily concerned with Architecture, Installation art, Space design (interior, exterior, landscape
Interior Lab
We do all kind of interiors residential as well as commercial.
Canrees Homes
Gurooji Designs
Gurooji Design Studio is a practice based in Mumbai and Dubai. It has been a challenging journey to serve in the city known
We are a MFOUR group venture founded by MFOUR Design. MFOUR is a well-established Delhi (India) based group incorporated
De Panache  - Interior Architects
"DE PANACHE" ( is an interior design and execution firm(a team of 50 professionals) specialized in Healthcare
Space Design Studios provides complete solutions for interior Design, Project Management & Execution for all kinds of
U and I Designs
U and I Designs, founded in 2016, is a full-service interior design company focused at creating refreshingly unique and
Tanish Dzignz
Tanish Dzignz is an interior design studio known for its thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to detail
Monnaie Interiors Pvt Ltd
Monnaie Architects & Interiors is one of the famous interior designers & architects in India, provides best budget
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio
R&E is among the top designer studio firms with projects internationally and concentrated in the South India.   We
Design Kkarma (India)
Mothered by raw original organic design at its pulse, Design Kkarma aligns and coalesces creative energies across design
S P Interiors is a renowned name for more than a decade providing Quality Work and Timely Delivery of Commercial Offices
Mybeautifulife has provided interior design solutions to high-end residential and commercial projects with around twenty
James Grey Interiors
ABOUT US We are your leading source for the best in Exquisite, Inspired, and Unique design service in Riviera Maya! Hello

Interior designers and decorators in Surat

Technology has shrunk the world. With accessible information, disposable income, crossing culture and innovation around the world, the lifestyle has undergone an immense transformation. Surat, the diamond city of India is a flourishing city with the average annual household income twice as much as the national per capita income. High income definitely influences the lifestyle of the people living there whether it is in 10 bedroom lavish villa or 3 bedroom apartment. While each residence is unique reflecting the distinct style, culture, requirements and lifestyle of people living there; the essence of the home is achieved when cohesive look is successfully created. Hiring professional interior designers and decorators will make a huge difference here. Money can surely buy expensive decorative items, but creativity and style evolves through training and experiences. Professionals are trained to make a building the home.

How has technology brought innovative change in the role of interior designer and decorator in Surat?

Designing a home begins with creative ideas keeping in mind the moods and functional needs of the occupants, refurbishing the existing space or designing a new home from scratch, or simply giving the home a consistent feel by picking up right furniture and furnishing and make it a comfortable home. It's the job of interior designers and decorators to convert the humble ideas of clients into an amazing interior design through their creative inputs. Designers make sketches on paper which is then converted into 2D plans. With the help of CAD (Computer aided design) the 2D design is converted into 3D design and 3D animations which give the client a virtual tour of the home when the design is still evolving. From the colour of the walls to the style of furniture, everything can be seen, altered or changed according to desire and then final selection is made. Through this innovative technology in the field of interior designing and decoration, lots of effort and money can be saved. Any changes can be done even before the actual work begins. Professional interior designers and decorators of Surat are widely using this innovative technology to give the best services to their client when designing their dream home.

What difference does hiring an Interior designer and decorator will make in Surat?

There is no dearth of dreams and desires when it comes to the interior of home. From colour scheme to lighting to furniture and furnishing, we have a hazy picture of everything in our mind. But unfortunately in this fast paced stressful life designing your own home will means taking extra stress. However, the interior designers and decorators of Surat are there with their time and professional support to give personality to your home with latest trends and stylish layouts. Above all they are competent enough to come out with the best results within the time frame and budget assigned by you. Hiring the designers and decorators come with immense benefits and convenience for the home owner:

Functionality and requirement: Through interaction with the clients and years of training and experience, the interior designers and decorators come up with the best décor which suits the functional requirement of the occupants to make it a comfortable home. From welcoming living room to the bedroom furniture to the spacious modular kitchen for the family, the beauty and functionality of the entire home is taken care of with professional competency and details.

Trendy with style: Interior designers understand the taste and style of the owner and designs of the home accordingly. Whether it is traditional or contemporary or bohemian style, they have design ideas for all. In fact the designers have the capability to blend all the different styles and create a cohesive home bringing the family with different taste together under one roof.

Use of the home: Depending upon the end use of the home, i.e., whether the owner will live there or will be given for rent, the designers come up with different solutions. If the owner is staying in the home then the designer will suggest for complete decoration. However, if it is for rent then only the basic furniture is done. In Surat since lots of people have second home which they rent out, the interior designers decorate the home keeping it in mind, thus cutting on the cost of interior decoration.

Materials and embellishments: The professional designers and decorators are aware of materials which will suits best in the given scenario and conditions. It's difficult for the regular client to know about the latest trends, styles, and furniture and furnishing materials which the interior designers and decorators are trained to know. It saves on time, effort and money and helps in finishing the work on scheduled time and within budget.

How much will the interior designers and decorators cost in Surat?

Interior designers and decorators are professionally qualified to transform the residential or commercial space into an aesthetically done fully functional space full of style and elegance. However, there is no fixed formula as far as charges of interior designers and decorators in Surat are concerned. There are different types of pricing models for the clients to choose from.

A few designers will charge flat design consultation fees which will include the design consultation, preparing the 3D design model and entire layout plan of the project. It will cost between Rs.50000-80000 for the service.

The other model is cost of materials plus the consultation fees. The designer will prepare the design, get the materials, hire the labourer to get the work done and do the complete design of the project. The bills of all the materials, inventory and labours will be paid by client. The service fees of the interior designer will be Rs.30000-80000.

Some designers also charge on percentage basis. It is around 6-8% of the total project cost.

Where can I find the best interior designers and decorators in Surat?

homify, the renowned website has a long list of interior designers and decorators to choose from. Just visit the website, browse the list of professional interior designers and decorators in Surat and select the one that you find suitable for your project. Sign up and then get connected with the best professional to make your dream a reality.

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