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Interior Designers and Decorators in Chennai

Chennai was formerly known as Madras, and is the fourth largest city in India, with a rich cultural history that perfectly balances its heritage with a thriving modern lifestyle. Chennai's skyline is well-known for its towering skyscrapers that offer a scenic vista along the coast, while the heart of Chennai remains in the multitude of old architectural temples and churches dotting various parts of the city. The old temples have colorful facades with towering pinnacles, which are intimidating as well as impressive.  

Chennai played an important role in the colonial era with its historical museums and monuments is a testament to the days gone by. The objects displayed in the museums are an amalgamation of artifacts covering diverse fields in archeology, zoology, numismatics, sculptures, natural history, palm-leaf manuscripts, and Amravati paintings. This architectural heritage showcases a comprehensive wealth of ideas that can contribute to being an inspiration for the interior designing of your home. 

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Although people tend to use the terms interior designer and interior decorator interchangeably, these professions differ in significant ways.  While interior designing is the art and science of studying people's needs to create a structural, functional living or office space within a building, interior decorating is the art of furnishing interior spaces with furniture and accessories to create an aesthetic environment. Additionally, an interior designer must procure a license to practice, while an interior decorator is not required to do so. To practice as an interior designer, formal education and training are imperative, while interior decorators do not need to have a standardized education. Usually, for interior decorators, some training program suffices to learn about the foundation principles of interior design. 

What is the interior-architecture style that is most suitable for a house in Chennai?

Several of Chennai's earliest constructions were built in European styles, as Chennai was one of the first major British settlement in India. The common designs introduced by the European colonists include Neo-classical, Romanesque, Victorian, Renaissance, and Gothic. 

With the transfer of power from the British crown to the march for freedom, native Indian styles were adapted that opened extraordinary innovations in architecture and interior decorations. The post-independence period ushered a wave of change that signaled the emergence of modern architecture in Chennai's design landscape.

How should one decide whether to hire an interior designer or decorator?

The type of professional you decide to hire is a matter of personal preference, however, a few questions to keep in mind, before making your choice are as follows:

  • Are you looking to make any functional or structural changes?
  • Are you looking to remodel a room like a bedroom or a kitchen, where functional fixes may be difficult to navigate if they crop up during the process?
  • Are you specific about the professional's education and credentials?
  • Are you looking for someone to manage your project?

Choose an interior designer from Chennai when you are working on a remodel and require guidance beyond aesthetics. They can help redesign your space from the ground up, in addition, to navigating day-to-day details such as working with contractors.

An interior decorator from Chennai is your best choice when you need another set of savvy eyes to help bring your design inspiration to life, or when you want to give your child's room a makeover and don't have the time to handle it by yourself.

Every interior designer and decorator in Chennai differ in terms of their style and the services they offer. We recommend you carefully go through homify's design portfolio, read reviews, and get your queries answered before deciding who fits the job best.

What are the advantages of hiring local interior designers and decorators in Chennai?

Residences designed by professional and experienced interior designers and decorators in Chennai showcases a union of human habitat and nature with furnishings and furniture that are contemporary in nature and ascetic in style. There is no dearth of innovative concepts as Chennai's interior designers and decorators incorporate the very latest in European and Asian styles of architecture in their home projects.

How much do interior designers and interior decorators in Chennai charge as fees?

Interior designers and decorators in Chennai work on a turnkey basis, as consultants, and can be hired according to your budget and needs. The rates are fixed on a variety of factors such as your individual needs and preferences, budget, cost of materials, the brand of materials used, labor charges, type of light and fixtures used, and size of space to be designed. 

On an average, the cost for interior designing a 2 BHK flat in Chennai will hover around INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 2.75 lakhs, which will include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, decoration of bathrooms, living room and bedrooms.  

Few individual owners will prefer interior designing only for the kitchen, while others prefer an interior decoration for the entire house.  The interior designing cost will vary per square foot in Chennai and is dependent on the materials used. For example, marble and granite are more expensive than vitrified tiles and vinyl flooring, and labor cost is much higher for more expensive materials. 

How can I find the best interior designers and interior decorators in Chennai?

To turn your space into a more beautiful and functional area, within the limit of your budget, we recommend going through the homify detailed catalog of experienced and verified interior designers and decorators in Chennai. Compare the different rates, photographs of their work, and styles offered before making your final selection.  

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